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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by full melt, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. haha :D
  2. Why do we Like sports so damn much

    WHY don't girls who hate sports like sports or watch with us..

    Why do whenever even with a fine girl, somehow manage to fuck it up when you see an even finer girl

    Because we are men

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE]YouTube - Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like[/ame]

  3. This commercial is actually marketed toward women? In a way its genius! Men buy it because it smells manly and because they think chicks will like it, and chicks will actually like it more because they are dumb and weak minded, and easily swayed by advertising, rather than logic.


  4. Not in the slightest... partially due to being in a college town. There are more students here than residents, so I basically think that everyone does drugs.

    It's odd for me to think of people NOT smoking cannabis, being drunk for days on end, and binging on every drug you can find.
  5. As a 19 year old white guy i can't answer questions

  6. As a whiteguy should I be a Hip Hop Stoner because that's who I am or should I make my own style?
  7. I'd like to take this one as a 30y.o white guy. We prefer to put more time into intelligence rather than entertaining :D

  8. all the black girls i know get in fights all the time.

  9. No, you should never be yourself. Be exactly what you think others want you to be. That's what being white is all about!
  10. Guide to being a white YUPPIE:

    1. Be white

    2. Have a white-collar office job that requires a dress shirt and/or suit - no retail

    3. Play one of these sports: golf, racquetball, tennis.

    4. Listen to whichever musical groups are in vogue at the time

    5. Watch whichever movies are in vogue at the time

    6. Rent a loft apartment in the downtown area of whichever city you live in - San Francisco and NYC a bonus

    7. Drink wine. No hard liquor, only wine.

    8. Deck your apartment out with modern & contemporary black and white furniture with a big flat screen

    9. Use the new white macbooks

    I'm almost there, but not quite!
  11. None of these applies to me. Not a single one.

  12. Well, do you consider yourself a yuppie?
  13. No. I was just saying.
  14. You were just saying what? lol

    Obviously if you're not a white YUPPIE then those don't apply. :)
  15. Oh, Full Melt, will you marry me? :eek:
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