*The Official* Ask a 20 something white guy anything

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by full melt, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. your username is OJ da juice man... your location is anywhere the hood be... and you are a 20 something white guy? embarrassing

  2. Neither. I work hard for my cash and I'm damn well not going to give it away to some guy with a change cup. Things change if they're obviously handicapped, etc. That being said, ever notice how white homeless guys look like black guys? :smoke:

    It feels great
  3. knew you would do that "neither" shyt

  4. Whoever gets it first when I throw it down.
  5. LOL good answer
  6. How many times do you get pulled over by the police in 1 day??
  7. Would you be interested in a good deal on additional pylons?
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    It's pretty awesome. Like at first, I wasn't going to, but then I did it.
  9. do you prefer flat asses?
  10. does your dick shrink or get bigger as you get older?

    legitimate question.
  11. I preferably hate riding around and finding a donkey laying down in the middle of the road.

    I'll get back to this in ten years, I swear.
  12. preferably hate? i preferably hate terrible sentence structure

    EDIT: this is in good humor lol :)
  13. What else would you expect from a 20 something white guy? :eek:
  14. so, how many times have you luaghed or done that snort-half cough-hiss-ptssss sound at a racist joke you thought wasn't funny in a group of other 20 something white guys?
  15. surely nothing :D
  16. Ha HA the black ladies have the best bodys, i like a little meat on the bones. bitches always have the biggest asses.
  17. Mine has only gotten bigger.

    I don't laugh at jokes I don't find funny. If I did it would sound forced and people would undoubtedly see right through it. So I guess my answer is never.
  18. good for you.

    too many people do that.
  19. would you find it misplaced for someone of your age to randomly come up to and start talking to you about drugs
  20. ^sucks for you, i have never seen more cops then i saw in chicago
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