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  1. Easier than most. It takes some work but you arent being paid 15c/hr
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    do you guys really have to live with your mom??? don't you think she's tired of washing your stanky draws...

    i kid, i kid...my brother is 25 w/ two college degrees and he just moved out of his mommy's house....

    no really, do you have to???
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    tsk tsk, Grape soda is so undignified. I only drink sparkling grape juice imported from a vineyard in Tuscany run by lepers.

    Some White people get nervous when talking to black people because they are worried that they may say something that could be misconstrued as racist. They over think everything they say and end up sounding/seeming completely retarded. Same goes for women.

    Yeah, I don't get this either. If you are over 21 you shouldn't be living with your parents.
  4. After 18, no. Though many do still live with their rents because of the declining economy
  5. Why can't ya'll dance?
  6. Hows it feel to rule the world?

  7. WHITE POW...wait, what?!
  8. Whos that guy in your sig?
  9. what do all the girls say about you being fly?
  10. From the girls I know... I'm not fly. I'm just awesome.

    Excellent answer!
  11. All the girls say I'm pretty fly. . .for a white guy.

  12. i thought techno was invented so that white people could dance????
  13. if your walking down a city street and you walk by a local black man , do you get tense? not saying your a racist but do you get worried?

  14. No, but if I were to walk by a group of black people with signs that say "Kill Whitey" and "Die Cracker" I would probably be a little worried. :bongin:
  15. I get tense whenever I walk by any person, regardless of race. Let's just say my mindset is very... defense oriented.

  16. ^^ needs a vacation
  17. Crime doesn't stop on vacation.

  18. Charles Bukowski.

    Not unless he is giving off some kind of shifty vibe. But that's the case for anyone, doesn't matter what their race is.
  19. Truthfully please....................Black homeless person or white homeless person. Who gets the spare change?
    And no pussy answers Like neither because i dont give to them.It's rhetorical.
  20. As a 19 year old white guy I can't answer any questions... Whats it like to be able to answer 20 something year old white guy questions?
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