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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Aurora, Apr 2, 2003.

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  1. Post...anything!
  2. hmmm...well, my hub is out of town i\'m bored, i wanna smoke but feel like kinda waiting. no i\'ll smoke just a little and clean the house. i\'m waaayyy too bored!!!!!!!!!
  3. why are u nervous?
  4. ahahaha, gooniegoowho!
  5. anything?
  6. Awwww....that\'s too cute. <<<< That\'s my \"anything\" for now.

  7. WTF?
  8. is that puppy a sandwich

  9. hey you know where you got your name from?
  10. Good Point, Its like racism has been turned around or sometin.
  11. awww that hot dog is so adorable!
  12. I...I like apple pie!!!

  13. Damn Hempress, that looks really good right now. I\'ve got the munchies!

  14. Northern Lights :)
  15. and....
    when your rocking k holes and stealing light up rain deers.....
  16. I\'m high and drinking (Watch out Pandora!!! LOL)...anyway, I\'ve sneezed like 12 times in a row and everytime I sneeze, I swear I get higher.....................Motherfucker! I think I\'m done sneezing! Well, that\'s cool...I can just smoke more to get higher.

    More \"anything\"....Hey Sensi...where are you? I\'m here but I don\'t see you!!!

  17. iam right with u man, but the way i am i cant hate them..cuz when u hate them ur just as bad as they in this world i really dont hate any one..i am a very peace full man..and just thinking about it..i never got in to a fight(like punching and stuff) in my life..whoa...

  18. yeah like someone already said, i got my sn from the (scientific?) name of the actual northern lights - aurora borealis and of course, the famous plant we all know and love.

    I think theres a car named the Aurora too ^_^ But i didnt name myself after the car! Well at least i think so right now...i dunno, im high so......whatever.
  20. awwwwww..... i love the hot dog one! its so cute!

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