The Official Afro-American Thread

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  1. Aphro-Native American -.-

  2. no, african american means you were either born in africa and came to america or your relatives are from africa and came to america. if you are a black person in america with jamacian heritage, that makes you jamacian, not african. and muslim is a religion, not a skin tone, and has nothing to do with this topic.
  3. Are you retarded?
  4. might be the dumbest thing I've heard today

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  5. what you say is totally true. And i slipped on that muslim tip, i need to educate myself more on that. But one of my bro's fam is from Britain theyre all light skinned. hes mixed with all kinda shit, now he has both irish and african blood, but since that skin is black he's marked down as african american. He probaly could find out he has more irish blood than african blood, but that black skin to certain extent makes him african american
  6. my french fam in the boot are considered afro american just 'casue of they got darker skin. And they'll tell you theyre not black, just brown frenchmen. 
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    my grandpa is black but i sure am white as fuck lol. although, my girlfriend and her 4 kids are afro american...and i live in a 50% bl 42% wh city...used to live in the fuckin hood and bout to move back, i was the only white guy in the projects and 1 of 3 white guys working at my job. in LA my middle school was,according to my yearbook, over 70% hispanic and 10% asian. i think i'm actually kind ofused to being a minority? in a way.
  8. i cant stand it when i ask someone what nationality they are or what their heritage is and they just say "black". there is no such thing as being "black". there is no country called "black" that anyone comes from. im white and if you ask what nationality i am, im not going to say "white".  lol
  9. Haha throw me in the "you look white" club with miss @[member="nesw"] :)
  10. Just curious is this thread cuz of black history month? Possibly?

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    -shakes head- 
     Niggas god damn. We need our own thread?
  12. I'm dark as night, like Sierra Leone black

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  13. oh shit! someone let @[member="ItsReneeYo_"] into this bitch
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  14. Man i looooooooove me some fine ass black girls holla

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  15. Well I'm is Afro American , so. I let myself up in this bitch xD
    Same , French Irish and black roots.
  16. I work for a call center  and one of the clients called and requested assistance for a home service, she asked me if we have African-American employees, so I responded "Yes... but what does it have to do with anything?" She hung up. o_O
  17. nigga where the fuck did your brown ass come from
  18. Orale holmes. No mames guey. Pues, adios

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    Hablo mucho español mi hombre. No soy como los otros negros y gringos de esto sitio web. ¡Entiéndeme!
  20. ¡Ay! ¿Hablando español es perfecto para las chicas, eh? Oye, hermano..

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