The Official Afro-American Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by cothrantyson, Feb 7, 2014.

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    I mean all these black people in one place you should expect conflict at some point but at the end of the day where all brothas :cool:

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    No conflict, the bud brings peace to all  :hippie:
  3. I set out on my lil  spiritual journey not too long ago and ive come to a point where i rather be called an African, than an African american. Just 'cause of the simple fact that an African american's history doesnt go back further than the slave ship which is wac as fuc. Can't none of you niccas tell me where yo family is REALLY FROM BEFORE they shipped yalls ass from the momma-landâ„¢. Tell the truth now, dont NONE of us know where we come from, and thats BAD. AFRICAN history and AFRICAN american history is two different things. and most of us dont know shit about african history. Most of us are descendants of kings and queens and dont even know the shit. Yall my folks and we gotta know that we ARE PRINCES and PRINCESSES, Thats just who are people was, and low key we could be kings and queens if we got our shit together, bossed up in america, and went back home. Thats what the fucc im gone do, 'cause i dont trust these white folks(government white folks) Obama too, that nicca aint nothin nice... he the bro tho so i stall him out. Think about it tho people of color, do you know your AFRICAN side?   
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    You can actually find out where you come from with DNA testing and I am definitely going to do that when I have the time and money. Yea, we won't know exactly who our descendants are, but we can trace back to where we came from originally.
  5. I'm a cracker but I'll kick it in here.

    I'm down with the brown yo
  6. yes more black people
  7. SAY IT LOUD! ::dun dun dun dun:: IM BLACK N IM PROUD!

    ::drops to knees:: hold on ... idk if I can go on ...

    ::funk beat swells::


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  8. I don't identify with Africans. I identify with black people who live in America. When I see an African I dont think, he's my brother!

    But seeing a random dude from Anytown, USA, he's my brother.

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  9. Im pretty sure niccas aint gone be able to find what tribe they come from but they can find out the basics to inform themselves about their roots. Im prolly from a long dic tribe on the outskirts of zimbabwe who get high off the good bush and go titty huntin. aye, it's a lot of white african people in south africa. them white girls be talkin in the native tongue nicca! now thats sexy!
  10. SMH. Please say you're a troll

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  11. so selective.. "can't be too white" or "can't be straight from africa" this thread sort of had potential

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  12. oh. dis racistz 
  13. Shit, black is black to me. No matter if you're from Africa, Jamacia, England, Australia, anywhere really or mixed.
  14. Thats perfectly fine. 
  15. finalllyyyy. a thread for my peopleeeeeee
  16. how come we don't call white people from Africa africans when they come to america . some guy from africa was talking about it in my government class. some white person put themselves down as african american on some official govt form and got in trouble for it or some shit. and people would look at that person weird but he was born and raised in south africa. so does african american simply mean black people , or does it mean people from africa?
  17. no thomas. go listen to some fall out boy.
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    I would prefer the term "black" because you have so many different black people and not all originated from Africa. That is the truth. I said in another post that the reason why "African-American" stayed as a term was because the majority of slaves came from Africa... and whites associated all blacks to African roots. Now, that term is becoming more obsolete in my opinion just because many blacks from different countries came here with their own free will after slavery and many aren't even from Africa. 
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    What's good fellow brothas and sistas?  I came across this article I thought was interesting, dunno, when some people look at the world all they see are shallow perceptions:
  20. african american means you were born in america and your skin is black. (unless your muslim, indian, any other dark skinned culture)

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