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The official "5 Things Every Stoner Must Know!" Thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CitySmoker420, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. #1 CitySmoker420, Nov 14, 2008
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    The Official "5 things every stoner must know" thread, an essential guide to dealing with dealers and smoking weed

    1. Do Not! give money unless you see the weed being weighed out!


    -this is an essential rule! more important then cornering a bowl or anything else. i have been skrewed over multiple times and shorted by being to trustworthy. peope are dicks, thats life. dont give a guy u know, or somebody you think is a friend because that same person could turn out to be not such a good friend after all.

    2. How to deal with cops


    -this is very important! how to deal with cops... you must know your rights
    -never ever! ever! ever! consent to a search! a cop will try to intimidate you with threats or try to offer u a break, he is NOT his job is to arrest and convict you!
    -he can make you step out of the car though, when you have to get out, roll up the windows and lock the door behind you.
    -ask officer if you are under arrest or if you are free to go... an officer cannot detain you.

    3. How to keep your mouth shut


    -this may be the most important rule, but i think that it is less important then being shorted and not being sent to jail.

    -dont go blabbing around to people about your drug (weed) usage. weed DOES NOT! make you cool. THIS GOES FOR YOU MINORS AND HIGHSCHOOLERS (no offense to the mature ones)

    -I used to think i was a big shot because i could roll fatties and supply my little high-school friends with herb, you are not.

    -STICK TO YOUR STORY! this will come in handy! set something up.... learn to conceal your usage

    4. Never cary More then you can eat!



    -driving with weed is a bad idea in the first place. but if you have to, make sure that it is sealed and well hidden,(crotched)

    -make sure there are no pieces in the open of the car. (an officer can search anywhere in jump walk or crawl vicinity without a warrant)

    -Smoking in a car is best done with joints blunts or apples... because they are disposable... you cant eat a pipe!

    -never bring more weed then you can swallow!

    5. Buy a Scale!


    -I highly suggest you buy a scale.


    -A scale is very cheap... about 20 bucks or less, and this 20 bucks will pay for itself very quickly i promise you

    Side Notes:

    -Know how to corner a bowl


    -Know how to roll a joint


    -stealth smoking 101
    +how to make/use a sploof
    +how to cover up scent, red eyes, and breath

    -When smoking with other people:

    -pass the lighter with the bowl

    -(and pass the pipe nipple first)

    -if somebody just hit the pipe it should be cherried... this is when there is a burning coal, do not proceed to "re light" the bowl this is only making ur hit harsher and wasting weed

    -if its not your weed dont waste it.

    -Right is Righteous or left is law

    (im not done yet... any sugestions would be great!)

  2. really?? no replies?? nothing to add? wow...
  3. #3 fatalex, Nov 14, 2008
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    haha i was about to reply, but then i accidently refreshed.

    ok so i agree for the most part, but the first point.
    i belive some people in the states get a "grams" for like .7 and stuff. so it varys on where u live and the customs on picking up. espcially when people meet up on the street, and dont want to scale it in public.

    what you should have put is...

    1. Do Not! give money unless you see the weed IN YOUR HAND.
    (make sure its real weed too)

    most (experienced) tokers can eye out if they are shorted anyways
    . they always say ill be back in 5 minutes, but never trust anybody involved with drugs. this is an illegal activity, you cant complain to the cops.

    oh yeah, great guide for the apprentice +rep :smoking:
  4. NEVER smoke with somone who has a cold sore!
  5. good thread man

  6. qft.

    This is a good thread, I know it all already, but helpful for newbies.
  7. Excuse me, but what do you mean by "cornering the bowl"?
  8. Good thread my friend.
  9. lighting only a side of the bud in the bowl, not burning everything

  10. when you hold the lighter right to the side of the bowl.. and suck it in... so that it just barey touches the bud and doesnt TORCH! the whole bowl.... its proper etique EXPECIALLY WHEN SMOKIGN DANK
  11. smoke with ppl that you deal to, its like getting paid to smoke weed
  12. somthing else to add is that if a lighter is not passed with bowl/bong do not proceed to torch it again if its cherried
  13. good point that annoys me
  14. You got the whole law thing wrong. They can detain you in your vehicle long enough to retrieve a warrant to search your car. They can also bypass getting a warrant if they can find anything that can be used as Probable Cause, then search your car based on that.

    Btw, him saying "I detect the scent of marijuana" is probable cause to search your car.

    Even if you can't smell it.
  15. i agree with a lot of the things that have been said BUT i like to make lists

    1). Don't brag about smoking
    -Some people think getting high is SO cool they have to tell everyone they do and show off what they know about weed. Don't be that guy. Watch the blabber long enough and you'll see why; you don't wanna understand the significance of,"I never thought it'd happen to me."

    2). Use common sense
    -We're a lot smarter than we know and the vibes we get from people are usually true. If you're around someone YOU feel is shady, don't tell them your life story. Wanna smoke and cruise? Don't bring an ounce. Assumptions just prove you don't know something.

    3). Remember karma
    -You may be Christian, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim...whatever you believe, remember that if you don't share, people aren't gonna share with you. Corner bowls, fix the runs and save the last hit. There's something bigger than you and me and it loves weed too. Keep that in mind.

    4). Dealers
    -Some dealers want to be your friends. Some are cool with just hearing from you when you want some bud. Try to figure out which your dealer is. Try to get a dealer from a friend.

    5). Etc.
    -Some people will call you a pothead. Fuck them. Some will be worried. Make sure you hold down your life. For some reason, weed can take over lives. It has its own vocabulary, traditions and customs, don't let it overwhelm you. You MUST learn how to roll joints and blunts (by cigar and skins). If you can, try to have 1 pipe, 1 bong...just the essentials.

    The best high is when you've covered all the angles. Give yourself a good high. You'll earn it.
  16. Keep good company
  17. good shit for new tokers man. nice job.
  18. id also add dont be greedy with ur weed. A lotta people ive known wont smoke u down if its not being matched or toss them a few singles. Its really just a bitch move. Imagine if u were dry and trying to puff with some people u know, karma will return the bud back to u.
  19. there has been multiple threads like this, use search button
  20. the learn to keep you mouth shut is the most important in my opinion. Yaping away to everyone is what gets you busted. My little brother always tells everyone he meets that i can get them weed and it gets me into a lot of shit.
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