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the official 400w hps yield thread

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by peterjoseph88, Mar 16, 2010.

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    So I looked around and did not find another thread dedicated to 400w hps yields. So I'm not looking for guesses, I would like to know what you, personally have been able to yield off one of these systems. Please include

    Medium( soil hydro etc)
    Method(sog, scrog,lst)
    Veg time/flower time
    pics(if you have them)
    And what you grew in(tent, cab etc) including dimensions
    And anything else you think would be useful...

    Thanks in advance guys, let's show em what 400watts can do... :D
    I personally am growing 3 bubba kush,1purple cream, 1 blue dream and 1 sour diesel.. fox farm ffof 3 gal pots, botanicare superbloom but am only on day 37 of flowering. But as soon as its dry my weight will be posted! Thanks guys. And I apologize if there is a similar thread, I but I did look and did not find
  2. ill let you know when i know :)
  3. bump? i cant be the only one interested in how much a 400 can yield. current grow pics or anything welcome.get the ball rollin

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  4. I personally just harvested 7 ounces off of one plant under an air cooled 400w hps in a grow tent. The strain was Mr. Nice. Super bushy indica. I vegged for 1.5 months under a T5, flowered for almost 2.5 months under the 400w hps . I grew it hydroponically using the DWC bubble bucket method. I used the lucas formula with GH nutes just micro and bloom. Always kept the Ph at a steady 5.5 and she blew up! I was very impressed when I got my final weight from just one plant. 400 watts Rock!

  5. Damn 7oz off one plant! Congrats on the successful grow...any pics?
  6. Very schweet indeed nice work brotha! :smoking:
  7. I am working on an 800watt grow (two 400's) and wont know the weight til a month. But i have used a single 400 watt before and grew one True OG and one Purple Elephant. I vegged the clones for 2 weeks under the hps then switched to flower. Got just over 5 ounces off the two combined. Too bad that grow was infested with powder mildew though lol
  8. Damn that sucks about the mildew... if I were to pull 5 ounces of my current set up I would be verry happy=D
  9. i ran one 400 hps with 7 plants and got around 2oz dry per plant ,use

    a converted camping tent

    12l pots

    fox farms ocean soil

    tomato feeed for veg

    bio blloom for flower

    8 weeks veg

    12 weeks flower

    ak-47 strain

    i have just started a set up useing a 400 hps with 9 plants in total -5 blue cheese and 4 kush ill get a pic up soon ..
  10. here is my set up this is the 2nd day on 24h light .
  11. Check out the link in my sig, all of those plants are grown under one 400 watt HPS. I'll have some new pictures posted within the week, but currently there is about 20-30 pics of plants grown under 400 watt HPS.
  12. .......................

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  13. Very nice leafman..keep us updated!
  14. The best I've seen a 400 do is a hair over 16zips, 2 plants.

    But that wasn't a 400 alone,....it was a 400 and countless years of experience ;) There's a huge difference.
  15. 4-400w Hps Setup 48 Grape-ape Clone's 2 Weeks Vegged 29 day's Flowering, ill let u know in 30-34days a yield report!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. 48! Damn going big.nice, can't wait to see what that yields
  17. Im currently growing with an aerogarden and soil under a 400 watt HPS. I had some problems at first with heat and air circulation that set me back 4 weeks but its under control now. I will post pics soon.
  18. Hey that looks beautiful one bad man.keep up the good work
  19. I harvested almost 7 ounces under 400w hps. First grow, first scrog.

    There are others that harvest much more...I'm trying to get on their level. :)

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