The Office

Discussion in 'General' started by jtp2007, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Its on right now and dwight is part of drug enforcement or something. Hes accusing that big guy of smoking the reefer because hes just slow all around. HA. Its on now.
  2. Yeah, I recorded it.
  3. cool i recorded it too. gonna watch it now
  4. im watching it as i type. heh "clove cigarettes"
  5. Do both of you have TiVo/DVR? I wish I had that....
  6. "do you know what this is?"
    "That Northern Lights, Cannabis, Indica"
    "*sigh*.... no.... its marijuana"
  7. The Office... probably the best comedy on network television.
  8. ya man. my mom HATES the show. i think its a required taste. it really grows on you though. soooo sucks its getting canceled. the british version is pretty good as well, but its hard to understand iwth their accents and jargon

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