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  1. Anybody else hate the show "The Office"?

    A bunch of people at my work love it, but I tried watching it and it's just not entertaining. Not sure what it is, but it's just not for me.
  2. How could you possibly hate this show? What show do you think is entertaining?
  3. I personally LOVE this show.
  4. Yeah, see, you guys are just like the people I work with! haha
  5. You probably saw a shitty episode, give it a chance.
  6. It's great I love it and have kept up with every new episode. You either haven't watched a particularly great episode or you just don't like the humor
  7. i found it to be a differnt kind of funny, i didnt like it too much right off the bat, but now i fuckin love it.

    give it a try bra
  8. it varies from episode to episode. honestly for a comedy show its kinda bland sometimes.. still entertaining if im high though.

    rarely are episodes gems all the way through. usually each episode just has 3-4 hilarious moments and the rest is kinda just appreciating the characters.

    the characters are well developed and have distinct unique personalities and are played well by the actors.

    overall id probably rate The Office like 7/10
  9. Yeah, I've seen shows like that, where you have to give it a couple episodes to get it. That I can understand.
  10. I would agree considering recent seasons. But seasons 2 and 3 to me are a 9/10
  11. /cosign
  12. hah i dont see any way I couldnt like the office
  13. ^...thats the office appreciation thread.

    this is a thread about not liking the office. good work detective Kevin.:laughing:

  14. a little something i learned about as a child called 'difference in opinion'...
  15. Just showing there are more lovers than haterrrssss ;)

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