The office

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  1. This show is fuckin great i love the fire episode when dwight cuts the face off the cpr dummy:D I Also hav my share of dwights and andy's at my work
  2. Cheers I watch it every week no matter how busy I am
  3. yeah best show ever. iv seen every episode minimum of 2 times

    im obsessed....get as high as u can then watch OMG

    which show do you find funnier, the office or it's always sunny?
  5. i loved the first 2 seasons but it seems like its going on a downward slope. they just arent as funny as they used to be
  6. Watch the UK version, it is better.
  7. i dont think the uk version is mo funny. and i think they look weird.

    and stringer bell is now on the american office.
  8. yeah it's fuckin great but can you believe michael's quitting? Obviously he still needs to be on the show with the "Michael Scott Paper Company" because I know for a fact that the producers have him signed on for the next couple of seasons if they choose to actually go that far. Hopefully it does!
  9. well if he really tries to run his own paper company then I think the show will definately be jumpin the shark.
  10. i guess that 1 of 2 things will happen, either micheal starts his own company or they fire the new boss and ask micheal to come back simply because he's that good. i kinda hope he does get his own company though.
  11. yeah that show is always a good laugh
  12. id have to say always sunny is a funnier show but the office is definately my 2nd favorite

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