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  1. Anyone else watch the show? Who are your favorite characters? Episodes?

    I think Creed is the best character, he's just so fucked up it's awesome.
  2. [​IMG]

    I'm totally going to bang holly.
  3. It was a big day for him... with the party, and driving to the store...
  4. hahaha

    I gotta say my favorite part of that show is when Jim fucks with Dwight and makes him go crazy

    Why is this in pandoras box
  5. Yeah, that was a good one.

    It's in Pandora's Box b/c I can't move threads out of here.
  6. i like it when kim throws andys phone into the cieling.

    there's actually a new episode tonight at 9 so watch that stuff
  7. great show. pretty sure Im currently missing it.

    Damn I'm lazy.
  8. I watch this on my lunch break all the time. Like I'm doin right now!
  9. All the characters are great, but Creed & Andy have the most potential. They often don't use them enough.
  10. I hadn't ever watched it until recently. My friend has the 3rd season on DVD, and I just started watching them. I wish I would have watched it all from the start. One of the funniest shows I've seen. I love it.
  11. i've seen every single episode, and i literally sit there refreshing for hours until they put the new streaming one up. in fact...i'm doing it now between posts. COME ON, ONLY 30 MORE MINUTES!!
  12. I haven't seen the new one from last night, but last weeks was funny with the cheesy poofs.
  13. Last nights episode was good, a lot of important things happened. Micheal actually managed not to fuck up.

    The Koreans made me LOL 3 times.

  14. LOL man.. i was so waiting for michael to fuck that up. and yeah the Koreans were funny as hell.
    what a great show.
  15. Of course my favorite character is
    haha I havent even watched teh new season because im still watching the 3rd on DVD
  16. I'd have to say Jim, because that's who I see myself being; the young guy who flirts with the receptionist a little too much. I've fallen for "best friends" more than once. lol.

    The most entertaining guy, though, has got to be Dwight. It just kills me how he hides random weapons throughout the office!!! that shit's ridiculous, love it.

    And i just feel so bad for toby... tryna do his job, and michael just absolutely hates him for no reason. it made me so upset when michael told toby to stay home on beach day. thats sum shit, he looked so sad all alone in the office with nothing to do. i'd have gone home.
    lol the office is the SHIT, anyone seen the UK version? very similar plot with similar characters but still fresh :)
  17. I've been watching season 5 on since I read this thread. I can't believe Michael left the branch, how can the show survive like this? Its sad really. Also, what happened to Ryan? I left off on season 2 so I'm a bit lost.

  18. Basically Ryan was embezzling money because he became ceo of Dunder-Mifflin. Then he was fired. And Michael's obsession with Ryan led to him being hired at Michael Scott Paper Company. And if you meant what happened to his hair...i don't know, its Ryan.

    If you missed seasons 3 and 4 you basically missed a lot. The whole season 3 was basically Jim wanting Pam while he was with Karen. Season 4 was Jim and Pam together while Ryan was at corporate and Michael and Jan having their breakdowns.

    I'm sorry for being so Office-obsessed. Offsessed!
  19. LMAO!!! Never apologize for this. :D
  20. I should apologize for saying "basically" too much. :)

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