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  1. What's good everybody. Seriously, how good is the office? If you are a fan of dry humor you would love this. This is by far my favorite show, and outstanding if you're baked while watching it. Season 4 is great, better then the rest of the seasons which is rare. If some of you want to watch this here is a great site that has all the episodes.

    Note* season 4 ep 1 no longer works. also, Note* you dont need to download anything, plays right from the site, enjoy.
  2. The office is the best thing on earth
  3. Yeah, but I heard the new season sucks, I dont see how tho... Michael is funny as hell!
  4. The office is by far my favorite show. I think the new season has been really good.
  5. yea no doubt, season 4 has been outstanding thus far. They have assigned pam a bigger role in the show, she is now a stronger character. Also the Angela and dwight thing is hilarious. they are integrating the other characters in and its making the show a brilliant work of comedy. They have atleast 5 more years of this show in them :hello:
  6. I saw it a long time ago and thought it was absolutely hilarious.

    I saw it was gonna be on awhile ago and got all excited, smoked and watched it...

    was soooo dissapointed. Watched two episodes. Like... I didn't laugh at all, even though I was high.

    pissed me off, because I had such high hopes.

    I'm gonna watch some different episodes later, because when I saw it the first time I was so damn funny.
  7. The Office is one of the best shows on tv, gets me every time.
  8. I watch it, i like Dwight.
  9. dwight too is my favorite character.
  10. I absolutely despised the US version of The Office; the UK (original) version on the other hand is awesome IMO. Just more my style of humour, plus Ricky Gervais is a legend.

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