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  1. So, I've been power-binging on The Office for the last 3 days, and now a few episodes deep in Season 8. Watching it from the beginning, I really love this show. Some day I intend to jello a (friendly) colleague's stapler.

    It sucks that Carell left, but I don't think it totally crippled the show like Scrubs minus J.D. had been.

    Anyways, enough rambling. Office fans?
  2. I haven't watched since he left. I was never a Dwight fan at all.. Jim and Pam were cool but not cool enough go make the show on their own. Carell really did set the tone for the whole show kinda. But before he left it was a pretty good show I think.

    I watched the other version a few times... meh.. honestly I like the US version way more.
  3. Stopped watching when Michael left and have not regretted it.
  4. I stopped watching it after steve carrel left.
  5. The show is still great after he left. The character development of everyone else comes out a lot more, and the writing is still great. Andy, darrell, jim, pam, and dwight carry the show just fine, along with everyone else
  6. The show is still pretty good after Carrel left. Of course I wish he'd stayed, and now the show is just different with out him... but it's still a good show.

    That being said, I am kinda wishing this upcoming season will be the last. Think it would be awesome if Steve Carrel came back for the end, made a cameo, have heard rumors of that.
    Plus, Dwight is getting his own spin off show it looks like "the farm". And if that goes through its' rumored he wont be on the regular office any longer.
  7. If Dwight goes I couldn't imagine the Office lasting. They had a good run though. I think it would've been best to have ended the series when Steve left (of course they would've had to write the entire season a bit different)..

    But whenever they do end it, he just HAS to come back. No ending would give the series justice without him I feel like.
  8. Wish jim got his own spinoff show..
  9. If the Office would've stopped after season 5, it would've gone down as one of the greats..Season 6 and on has been pretty stale and very few lol moments for me..I don't see it getting back to where it once was either...I too stopped tuning in after Steve left...

    The JimPam combo too annoying and synonymous...Dwight's character is honestly too played out...some of my favorite characters like Creed, Ryan, Jan aren't used as much as they were in the early seasons so there's no point watching anymore...still go back and watch re-runs though
  10. Heard that Mindy Kaling is coming back to the show for at least two episodes.
    That's a plus. Not sure if they'll be writing her character off the show or not.

    Glad she's coming back, have always had a thing for curvy Indian ass lol
  11. [quote name='"ILLOGIK"']Heard that Mindy Kaling is coming back to the show for at least two episodes.
    That's a plus. Not sure if they'll be writing her character off the show or not.

    Glad she's coming back, have always had a thing for curvy Indian ass lol[/quote]

    she might write herself off! (being a head writer herself)

    mindy is writing and starring in her own show which (if memory serves) premiers this or next fall on nbc. Il have to look it up again. excited though

  12. She's not a head writer any more for the Office, but I could see her co-writing one of her last episodes.

    Her show is the Mindy Project, and BJ Novak (ryan from the office), is producing it.
  13. Most people I talk to about The Office seem to imagine it ending with Michael Scott's wedding. Sounds a bit typical, but one last hurrah with Steve Carell as the memorable character isn't bad at all. The vibe for the show started changing around Jim and Pam's wedding or around the Michael Scott Paper Company story, and we stopped hearing so much from the side-characters. The office romance has settled into young family, Jim and Dwight are somewhat friends, and Andy is regional manager. All in all it sounds like the end should be near. I'm still not sure how I feel about Dwight getting a spinoff. It sounds like 'Joey' all over again.
  14. This was one of the better TV shows I think.Most episodes had some good lol's but other times they tried a little too hard. I just hope they don't drag it out and ruin the show for what it was. I give them props for trying to continue the show without Steve. I stopped after he left. I just don't think it's the same without him.

    That being said I hope they have a solid conclusion to it.
  15. season 7.. and even a little bit of 6 felt like they jumped the shark

    can't believe they're cranking out season 9
  16. shouldve ended with Steve Carrell leaving.

    the show is a pile of hot garbage without him.
  17. I must be the only one who still loves it..
  18. Stopped watching after Steve Carrel left. (like many others)

    The first few seasons were awesome but I did notice it go somewhat downhill in the last couple seasons even with Steve Carrel there.

    I watched a few episodes after he left.. like the will ferrel ones.

    But i dont know.. I'm just not interested anymore and can't really keep up.

  19. I'm still into it. I don't "love" it any more, but still like the show and still watch it and like a lot of the story lines they've had.
  20. The only thing I've liked about the show since Steve Carrell left is the addition of James Spader. His creeper character is what held my interest in season 8.

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