The Offical Pet Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by joeho318, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Hey whats up GC,

    I'd just like to take a moment to appreciate that dog or cat or whatever it may be so if you have a pet lets hear their story and share a picture!

    I personally am a dog lover and have two Golden Retrievers. The one of the left is named Floyd and on the right is Sage. They are brother and sister and both 4 years old.

    Now I know the rules of this forum and would never get any animal high but its kinda funny that every time I smoke they act crazy and bark and are pretty much the cutest dogs ever.

    pretty funny but anyway its your turn

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  2. hmm no one cares...

    well screw you guys i'm goin homeeee
  3. Going to have to say ferrets are the ultimate pet in my book. We've got 4 of them. Ultimate stoner pet. Mischief, Mayhem, Pharo, and Drifter.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    The Pet with the most personality hands down
  4. dude ferrets are pretty damn cool

  5. how do you get a ferret? isnt it aggressive?
  6. Yeah 4 ferrets. 9 north american water snakes, In the background of the second pic. They're still babies. We bread them. 2 30 gallon aquariums, 2 10 gallon aquariums 2 dogs 1 cat and a hamster.
  7. You buy them at a pet store. They aren't aggressive at all if you treat them right. You can't keep them in a cage. They have their own bed room with a sandbox their own persona; 10 gal aquarium and a 6 gallon pool with a deck i built them. Ours are not in the slightest bit aggressive.. They kiss us and flop on our feet and cuddle with us at night. I'm actually writing a book on the care of ferrets because so many books leave out so much and are way wrong about alot of things. I've had ferrets for 22 years now..
  8. Ferrets are interesting, I had one briefly a few years ago. It ran away :(

    But I think my chameleons and my Jindo were my best pets. Chameleons can be charismatic, mine would sit on my shoulder and just chill, people loved it. If she got hungry, she would walk down my hand and perch on my fingers, and I would go outside and point her towards the nearest insect. Took her a good 5 minutes to wolf down a grasshopper.
  9. when i think of a chameleon, i think thats what a stoner would be like if he was an animal..

    ...i am too high for my own good right now

    anyway thanks for sharing
  10. i have a 3 foot baby python, laziest thing u will ever see he doesnt even constrict his prey he just bites it and holds it to suffer for like 10 minutes haheaah

    and i got 2 wittele hamstews.


  11. my dear devious....youve forgotte76nm a pic or two of pharoh;)


    its ok...i got it:p
  12. my cat is the shit
  13. Your cat kind of looks demented. :eek:

    But in a cool way.
  14. If the cat had a voice, it would be that of handbanana.

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