the offical im going to bed cya tomoz thread

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. it does esatly what t sez on the tital

    cya tomoz guys LOL!
  2. sweet! DoK got sleepy and had to crash! It's tomorrow, man! Where the hell are ya???? :D
  3. my internet addiction starts at 10pm and ends about 3 am so u guys are usuly stuck with my then lol

    also, whoa! look at my amazing typos!
  4. were you drunk? or just tired?
  5. stoned and tired, plus i type to fast and post before reading it thru so i usuly cant be bothered to correct myself. But guys i gotta look fresh in the moring so no pot and an early(for me) night, big interveiw on the morro,

    hmm shud i keep my semi grown goatee? or shave it?
  6. No fun with the DoK tonight? Phooey!

    If it's an important interview, I recommend shaving that baby right off...especially since it's only "semi" grown. You can grow it back! I have faith in you! :D

    *edit* GOOD LUCK, DoK!!!!!
  7. thanks :).
    I would proberly have shaved it off anyway

    But remember what i dont have tonite i can have another nite lol, so if i get good new i'll celebrate, bad news 'ill toke my sorrows away! lol

    Edit:go post count, go post count! lol
  8. Rite then 12 i'd better go and get some sleepy, i'll be on to tell u if it was a desater or if i feel it went well,

    cya tomoz lol, this thread IS useful(i typed flu like three ties there, thats was annoying)

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