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The Offical How To Pass a DT

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SugarcroN, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Well after I found out last tuesday that I had a court date monday I smoked up the rest of my 1/8 and began treatment on wendsday. I began taking 2-4 100mg high potency niacin pills a day (dont be scared if you turn red, feel hot, and itchy), 3-5 B-12 pills at 100mcg, 4-6 cranberry extract pills at 400 mg, and Yogi Tea Detox (3 packets) Over all water that was drank was about 5 liters of distilled water. When I popped into my counselors he said he could drug test me so I said lets do it. I urinated in the toilet for a few seconds then into the cup untill it was the right amount and let the rest go. The results indicated were all negative although the line for THC was not too visible it was there producing negative results. All done in four days. I think weight has alot to do with it weight as in fat that is. Im only about 160lbs with not alot of fat. This was after some pretty heavy habitual smoking previously and some weekend tokeage before tuesday. Four days and all results being negative is pretty good for a method that costs only about 10 dollars. Think about how clean you could get if you had more time. As I mentioned this is as of today and done with a very sensitve testing kit.

    Materials in non paragrapg format
    1 Bottle of High Potency 100mg Niacin
    1 Bottle of Cranberry extract pills 400mg
    1 Bottle of B-12 100mcg
    1 Pack of Yogi Tea Detox Tea (other detox teas may work too)

    Due to the massive drug test posts I suggest this be a sticky on a quick easy way to rid yourself of THC.
  2. I smoked the day before a test and passed by only drinking water...

    Green Tea and water is probably the easiest and most pain free way of passing a test and Niacin probably works but i did it without it so its up to you :)
  3. this should definitely be stickied, threads like these always pop up
  4. this is what i been tryin to tell dudes since day 1
    the niacin n water method worked for me...
    i passed lab tests for 6 months doin it this way, and i was still smokin 3-4 g's per week at the time its all good and i dont have to "limit" myself to 3 or 4 grams a week
  5. I hear the sticky requests, consider it done. ;)

    Good info guys.
  6. [quote name='SpiralEyes']I smoked the day before a test and passed by only drinking water...QUOTE]

    you wouldnt have passed a lab/court test because they test your creatinine levels, and when you drink water, they go down, and they know your diluting!
    i tried the all water method and they said either you're diluting your piss or you have a SERIOUS kidney problem in which it doesnt produce enough creatinine and is extremely i sat there, high, and said...shit....ya caught me
    so no, just overloadin on water doesnt work for "real" drug tests
    it may work for the at home drug tests or POSSIBLY even the drug tests they give for jobs...but like i said, niacin worked for me on lab tests, while i was smokin 3-4 g's a week

    if you did pass a court regulated test, or a rehab test...then props to ya, cuz thats 100% Luck.
  7. Nice thread, ill remember this if i have a Dt, Rep++
  8. well I took the test in a lab but I'm not sure if they tested for the creatinine levels. Maybe they fucked up :p
  9. never been tested but thanks for the advice
  10. when you guys take the tests u say "levels" of thc, so can u have a small amount in your body or none at all. and if so what is the level?
  11. If you have inhaled more then just a little bit of second hand smoke it is too much thc and you will fail your test.

  12. On the test I took, the thc level had to be above a certain point.. I can't remember what it were called but it was 300 mg or somehting, therefore you could have a small amount and still pass. That probably isn't every test though.
  13. great post sugar cron............i was looking at and i found "The THC Calculator"..........................not sure how accurate it is though............ ............
  14. WTF is your problem? Do you realize how many people fuckin get sick doing this shit? THIS SHIT DOES NOT WORK! Do some research before suggesting stupid shit like this.
  15. Well you wouldn't catch me ever drinking bleach, but you do what you want. Though you're probably better off just stepping in front of a truck if you plan on drinking bleach.

    Niacin and water always worked for me, as long as I stop taking them the day before the test. Stick to that, but realize that it's not foolproof.
  16. iv taken plenty of test and this works every time i just take a visine bottle emty and fill it with water then take a yellow marker and put it ovetr the top and swish it around then wear some boxer breaifs or something tight and put the bottle in then next to your balls so it will take a temp. reading .... note this only work if no one is watchoing you piss..... just take the cap off quitleyand porr it in the cup .... ps. its best to keep the visine bottle next to your balls for a few hours
  17. Onuggets, sounds like an aiight plan... a thing that might work better to pass a dilution test (which so many drug tests have these days) is get a friends clean piss and put it in a visine bottle. However, I'm not sure how long the chemicals stay active enough for it to seem like true piss...

    :smoke: baked
  18. I ate some hash brownies not long ago, and I was wondering if there is a difference in thc levels between eating and smoking. If so should I just go by the same way of getting rid of it. Niacin, water, green tea
  19. Oatmeal is 20% niacin think that would help at all? Ive always thought it would but never really checked it out.
  20. If you ate a shit load of oatmeal it might, but it would be way more effective and easier to just take some niacin pills.

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