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  1. ok for the last 2 day theres been a carnival in town and me and a few freinds were sittin behind another one of my freinds house and j just happened to be drinking and i ask him for a beer and he hands it too me just after i crack it 2 cops walk up on us and i see them a bit early and try to walk off but a 3rd comes out of nowhere and tells me not to try and run. now me and j are basically fucked cuz they seen we had beers but so we have to sit and wait for another squad car to come that has the breathalyzer our 3 other freinds that didnt have beers were also forced to wait for the car. So finally the car gets here and they test J first he blew 1.2 hes fucked, next they tested our 3 other freinds that didnt have any beer on them and 2 of them blew .00 and were free to go but k blew a .02 and is now in trouble also. And then at last they tested me, i blew .00 but still wasnt free to go? i was thinking maybe id get possesion of some sorts for holding the beer but no i walk over to the cop car and the start writing out citations for me and k when hes done and i look at it i notice it says minor consumption? well i asked the cops how that was possible if i blew .00 and he told me that i had told him earlier that i was drinking it and so im getting consumption any how which of course i did not say. So eventually 1 of the cops and k go off to find his parents and i get put in a squad car with a cop in the drivers seat who is telling me that if i dont give hime parents phone numbers hes gonna take me to jail, well i told him that i was perfectly fine with jail,well then he got pissed and got out to talk to his 2 buddy cops and opened my door and let me free. But told me that if i was seen at the carnival again i was going to jail. But of course i know my rights and i spent the rest of the night enjoying the carnival and now i guess im off to court soon.
  2. P.s. any good legal advice as too what i should do or expect on the court date would be greatly appreciated.
  3. yeah that shit sucks i had a run in with the police today. i didnt get no tickets thankfully. i hate the fucking po po's .:smoking:
  4. im guessing ur under the ligal age for drinking.

    and ur going to court for drinking, pathetic.

    where i live (in the UK) we drink every friday and saturday in a public park, every one is under the ligal age, and there is about 15 people at one time, all with beer, all having a laugh.

    because the cops come to where we drink every so often, we hide our beer (around the corner in a bush) we know our beer is safe :) if they turn up they dont know where our beer is.

    any way when the cops do turn up all they can do is empty our beer (most of the time infront of us, just to piss us off) they only empty the beer they see (which at the time we are holding) and then they tell us to clear off. we do for a while and then go back and carry on drinking.
    they alwasy let us off because there isnt enough beer to arrest us (because we hid it) and we kept the park tidy (we always put our bottles and cans in the bin, because if its a mess they will look for more beer) then we can get arrested.

    some times the cops go to the park, we can clearly see them, but they dont get out of their car, and then they drive off, and dont see them for another week or two.
    the cops dont bother us no more, i cant remember the last time the cops came, it was that long ago.
  5. Whats the legal drinking age for where you are?
  6. i think the thread's name should be "The Official FUCK the BAD police thread!"

    the ones that don't recognize that the original purpose of their duty was public safety, not busting a bunch of stoners for enjoying themselves.

    although my statement can always be blown out of the water by: "A police officer's job is to enforce the law."

    but still, a police recognizer who officers that there's no reason to bust a bunch of kids for smoking some pot or drinking some beer is a good cop, in my opinion.

    or at least they have a start at being a good cop. they have some sense of priority.
  7. dude i know him personally trust me the drinking age where hes at is 21 cuz if it was 18 he would not be able to be on this site.

  8. I was just
  9. No it's not. Haha. It's 18 in the UK.

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