the offical FUCK THE POLICE thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by kbubb91, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Theyre fucking child molesting harrassing dogs mate you should fucking gang bang those fuckwits, ruined my life, i am in IT professional who cant get work because i have a mariwana history;.. fuck that man they even pulled a gun on me and shit, fuck that i wanna live my life, smoke weed and be free.. theyre terrible i hope they fall on a dick.
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  2. Omg like literally there trying to murder me so I put a fucking curse on them and I use sage to protect myself but anyway they are a bunch of cokeheads. Fuck them! Alien shits. There fucking alien.
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  3. Law enforcement can all go jump off the highest cliff into the deepest darkest pit
    Fuck each and everyone of them no good piggys
  4. It is sad what people will do to their fellow man when they sign up for a role as a would-be authority and follow unlawful orders.

    People can make excuses for them, but they ARE responsible for their actions, there is NO excuse and I hope they are all held accountable

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  5. Cops are pricks. Hate em all.
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  6. Very good and outstanding idea, police.
  7. Yeah, giving a group of egomaniacs the illusion of authority to be able to kidnap, murder, lie, harass, and abuse people, what could possibly go wrong

    Okay, not all are egomaniacs, some have been stripped of power in their life and being a cop is an attempt to get some of their lost power back.

    Some genuinely want to help, but are in an institution/culture that is already corrupt, so it is very hard to stay principled in this environment, especially when you are basically required at a minimum to harass and steal from people. Do we really want to pretend they are above the 'us vs them' mentality while they are suited up in their costumes? They are playing a role, they are actors.

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