the offical FUCK THE POLICE thread

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  1. Everything the police do is over the line. The way they manipulate peoples phrases intimidate people demanding respect yet giving very little. The way they miss 99 percent of the real crimes. And then pick on people who are just going about their lives. I think cops are the rudest most unintelligent people.

    Always have.
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  2. Cops are foot soldiers and enforcers for the state. Jack booted thugs who suck up taxes and regurgitate oppression.

    Over this side of the pond the vast majority of them don't have guns and are a lot slower to get involved in confrontations. That's not to say that some don't but you can spot these lads a mile away, the scars on their fat heads are a giveaway.
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  3. Ive been pretty in between on the whole fuck cops thing recently i was on my way to a girls house and i had a cop ride my ass just to pull me over once i speeded up!! than he searched my car and found a empty weed jar and grinder !! Instead of just taking it and destroying it he gave me a citation so now i gotta drive all the way back out there in a month to pay off a shitty pointless ticket and possibly face probation since i live in wv the worst state to live !! THis isn't even a one time thing all the cops out there corrupt Fuck EM !! SO im raiding the towns facebook since they want to allow their cops to be assholes !!
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  4. C57BA351-003F-4E64-BF7A-1A84484D2B16.jpeg
    Bout to take the crown with this one. I smile to myself every time I see a sign for a fallen officer. Fuck the police
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  5. The prior chief of police for Honolulu and his wife who was a states attorney were both indicted on RICO charges and just recently were both indicted for drug charges having to do with opioid medications.

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  6. They hired me to deliver a letter to their station.
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  7. Killed my dog almost killed my grandkids shooting through my floor killing my dog. Why u say? I bought a bag off a guy being watched. Got pulled over after leaving. Took my bag ticketed my son for it. Let us go. Two days later raid my house with swat. For what I ask ? U faggots took my weed yesterday!!! Oh we thought u was a big time dealer!!! Wtf ? I have a 97 Nissan truck junk to a well off person. Lived in a older home . no traffic at all because I just worked and didn't sell anything at all!!! And ya know what? Couldn't do shit to em!!! Love columbus Ohio I'm telling ya!!! That was 5 years ago.

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  8. You silly people will be the first to call the police when some one breaks into your house . Help help I’ve been robbed
  9. Scum bag cops should be crucified imo but there not all scum .
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  11. You can tell a lot from a single post man. How do u do it.
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  12. Lol it just seems that way.

    Police over here don't use guns unless it's a last option.. they only bring guns out if someone has one as it's against the law to have them:laughing:

    The only time they ever shoot people is when it's a terrorist attack or someone else is willing to use a gun they don't just shoot on site like in America.
  13. They show up with weapons drawn here in America. They can shoot anyone n get away with it cus their protected by the DA, a corrupt court system, and a union. Fuck the police
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  14. Lol don't drive with weed paraphernalia in your car.. + it's pretty easy not to speed :confused_2: you set yourself up for it :laughing:
  15. Nothing like that happens here :laughing: police don't really care about weed over here either as it's not a priority :confused_2:
  16. Yeah we’re starting to learn that here.
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  17. Fuck the police man, harrassing me since i was 12 years old, they even make me show them my private parts when i was 12 over mariwana i am a user for theraputic benefits and now that its legalised for medicinal purposes do you see them taking away my fucking 10 inch criminal history, NO. Coz i was 12 years old i am meant to be a fucking solicitor of the law and know when to and when not to obey. FUCK THE POLICE FUCK THEM TO HELL AND KILL THEMSELVES.

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