the offical FUCK THE POLICE thread

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  1. This is grasscity, what else would you be doin';)
  2. Like proper punishment. ;):D
  3. This one time the Swat team came to my house for shooting out a window... With a flipping Pellet gut.

    They thought I had a real Gun..
    I was almost out smarting the cops at the age of 16... What I would do to be a teen again...

  4. There only doing their jobs, although some take it too far, it just depends; i can understand why you dont like them, but not all of them are assholes, im met some extremely nice cops;
  5. Honestly, most of the cops I have met aren't that bad. The only really dickish cops that I have met was the first time I got arrested. I remained calm, did not raise my voice at them and yet they start telling me that I have to watch my mouth or I was gunna get the shit kicked out of me.

    Anyway, you shouldn't really have to worry that much about getting busted for smoking pot. If you know what you're doing, you're fine. I've had enough encounters with the cops to be able to remain completely composed and not raise suspicion.

    Know your rights and know the cop's rights. Cops can do a brief pat down to make sure you don't have any weapons. They can do this no matter what. What they cannot do is search you completely without probable cause. However, just because this is true doesn't mean you should always play this card. When you refuse a search, it raises a cop's suspicion and you will likely have to talk to the cop for longer. Whenever possible, you should try to avoid this. For example, if a cop tells you to empty your pockets, just take everything out except for whatever illegal stuff you have. Of course, if you can avoid the encounter completely then do so.

    I was smoking in my friend's dorm when cops decided to knock on the door. We locked everything illegal in my friend's trunk, hopped out the window and sprinted away.
  6. Watched the second vid, good stuff.

    It still doesn't make me think "fuck the police."

    Rather fuck the corrupt police, and their puppet masters.
  7. Its a ball of confusion...

  8. When you realize the function of the police is oppressive (they will kill you or ruin your job prospects if you cross them) you realize to distrust the police is not ignorance, it's mindfulness.

    Fuck the police. They get their food money by enforcing arbitrary laws in a nanny state. And to challenge their authority can be a deadly offense depending on their mood. Fuck em.
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  9. Yeah they are.
  10. Fuck police

    Call me immature, I have more than enough reasoning to justify my argument

  11. That seems like poor reasoning for a vasectomy....

    Just keep drinkin that firewater
  12. One of the best moments of my life was making a policewoman blush. I thought I had a chance to actually fuck the police.

    Didn't happen though :(
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    Very BOLD statement. I can show you 1 video that disproves this...


    Did he just save that persons life?! What an ASSHOLE! :rolleyes:
  14. He's keeping him alive so he can arrest or shoot him later. :smoke:
  15. Thats true. My kids arent going to be retards
  16. Know its old but had to say it FUCK THE POLICE!!!!
  17. Where Ilive its very cold and we get snow. So last night it was
    slightly warmer and the roads where pretty clear.. 22 degrees ... so I decided to ride my short board to work. On the way back i had to aviod a patch of ice so moved into the middle
    Of the street. I got pulled over.
    Asked where I was going
    Then asked if I was in any trouble. ..yes less than a month of un supervised probation
    Then he want to know what was in my back pack
    Then started to tell me, if I give up the drugs now
    I won't go to jail for distibuting, only for possesion.
    He went on with his bullshit for 30 minutes. I asked if Icould leave
    Multiple times. He kept on saying , i have drugs and I need to search you
    I kept on sayin fuck that, you can't search me
    Then an hour almost passes, another cop comes to the seen. I asked him
    If I was being detained, he was said " have a good night tyler " with a fucking smerk.
    All that bull shit for ridding a skateboard on the street....
  18. All I have to add to this conversation is..
    Philly, the city that bombed itself.
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  19. I just moved to a new city/state. I have a long beard and apart from the green no other criminal actions, I was walkin around in my new city checkin it out and was approached by plain clothes cops. Asked me 20 questions took down all my details and did a background check. They said everything was all good and sent me on my way. Throughout the next 4 hours I was approached by two more pairs of uniformed police, same thing asked me 20 questions.. I told them the plain clothes cops already took down my details and asked them why they chose to stop me. They said it was random but when I asked if it was the beard the body language said yes.. FUCK THE POLICE!! Lol
  20. there was never a time in my life when i liked law enforcement

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