the officail "UP YOURS !" thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dirtydingusus, May 29, 2003.

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  1. what the fuck is so official about this thread?

    not a damn thing you may say ...?

    i beg to differ....

    you see the up yours thread is as offical as many others in that some uh...whatever

    so like i was saying

    no pongo los manos in la trova

    very messy

    not recomended

    so when you fish with old worms
    you cach stinkie crabs

    oh yeah......up yours!
  2. Yo momma\'s so fat..... never mind, i don\'t know any good ones.
  3. my mommas so fat she looks like a hobbit

    and hey how did you know my mom was fat anyway?

    thanks critter.....nice to be back!


    and its nice to see you have free rain with the smilies again!!
  4. Now, I hear ya. cool that y\'all are back. Guess you are back to hanging out on roofs! Smokin\' a hit for ya\'
  5. LMFAO Zia.....that\'s some funny shit right there!

    Oh yeah....since this thread is so official....

    Up yours too MrD :D
  6. yep i am apon the roof again ...finaly

    and it is melt my flesh hot out there .....but it is worth it

    thank zia!

    it is good to be home

    i love you guys

    and by the way

    UP YOURS !!!!

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