The obvious answer is Amsterdam

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  1. Sup blades been a while since ive been on the site been really busy... BUT i just realized i have enough cash for a out of the country short vacation.

    I would really like to go to Europe, but im undecided on where exactly to go:confused:

    Thats why i came to you blades, just wondering if you have traveled Europe? Favorite places? Places you didn't like? Anything helps, thanks guys :hello::smoke:
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    fuck amsterdamn, go to italy. fuckin beautiful.


  3. Thats what i was thinking man... I just took a humanities class and our teacher showed us tons of pics of Italy. the history is interesting and yea, let alone the country side views.

    Any more thoughts/experiences?
  4. Go to Amsterdam.

    Get some exotic pussy, some exotic weed, and drink pints of Heineken with the locals!

  5. pussy money weed. my three priorities and They got 2 exotics, i like :cool:

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