The Obscenity Of Prison For Profit

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  1. Here's another horror story, out of Pennsylvania, about why it's time to consider reforming the justice system, so that there are no prisons run by profiteers.

    Shouldn't these judges and their co-conspirators be charged with kidnapping, as well as with abuse of judicial power?

    These guys deserve to be squealing like the piggies they are.
  2. No shit! And all they are going to get are 7 year sentences? Now I'm not one to want to throw people in prison (and would love to see every prison burn down), but these people were sending people to jail that didn't deserve to go (even under the USAs fucked up definition of deserving jail time) and should at least spend the rest of their lives sitting in jail cells they had previously sent harmless kids to.
  3. The bastards don't deserve a plea bargain. Make them serve all the time their crimes require- an abuse of public trust like this just makes me sick to my damn stomach!
  4. Infuriating. Destroying lives in the name of the almighty dollar. In more just times, it would be off with their head.
  5. Several thousand unwarranted imprisonments will get you about the same plea bargain they gave Tommy Chong for having his picture on a bong?

    Meanwhile in South Carolina, A county sheriff is getting ready to go after a guy who swims, with a picture of a bong in his hand?

    American Justice????

    And if this HUGE scandal is getting swept under a rug this fast, we must assume the probability that this 'imprisonment for kickback' scheme is fairly rampant throughout America's justice system right now. (See- Joe Arpaio)

    Land of the Sold-out Dream?

    If some bastard judge ever imprisoned my child for a bribe, there wouldn't be any rocks big enough for them to hide under.

    Hannibal Lecter can have him.:(

    So do you suppose Fox News will be airing this story and condemning these 'Activist Judges'?
  6. idk

    yea i knew a bunch of kids that got "sent away"

  7. EIGHT PEOPLE have been arrested!
  8. Hey it's my good ol' friend FOR PROFIT PRISONS!!!! Whooopee! I think Wackenhut is my favorite ;).
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    This is a god damned outrage. Not only the judges, but also the corporations responsible for giving out the kickbacks, should face serious repercussions. In China, these guys would be executed.
  10. The US prison system is a national disgrace. The US imprisons people at a rate 8 to 12 times higher than Western European nations. Is the US safer than these countries? Not in my experience. Society in general and taxpayers in particular are paying a heavy price. Prisons should be there to protect society from violent, dangerous criminals and not to enrich prison companies. America is a prison nation and will remain so until the voters realize the problem. The big difference in thought processes between Americans and Europeans is that the latter are not influenced by religious fanatics like the Christian Right (the US version of the Taliban). Ignorance and superstition is more deeply rooted in the US than in any other western nation. It must be rooted out if change is to occur.
  11. Everyone gets mad at politicians, the judges are the ones that really people should bitch about, they can interrupt the laws on whether they woke up on the right side of the bed or not, and then you get shit like this. Politicians are only as good as the world allows them to be, judges are dickheads because they can.
  12. They should add up all of the unwarrented sentencing time and thats how long they should be sent to prison. It's the closest thing to an eye for an eye.
  13. We need like a Dexter serial killer guy for these fucks. Cull them all, then maybe the others will think twice. Who are they to play god? Taking months of peoples lives away for a couple grand?? WTF how did people like this become judges in the first place. I would rather appoint members of this forum to judge me then some harvard ingrate like that
  14. The most damning piece of evidence about this entire story, is the way it's been hushed by the American media.

    Since it broke, a week ago, i have not heard it mentioned again, but I keep hearing about killer peanut butter, so I guess we're more worried as a nation about PB+J sandwiches, than we are about false child imprisonment, aka state sanctioned child abuse.

    I would think that is a pretty clear message to the nation's children right there.

    Chris Matthews needs to set up some investigative test cases, and see just how rampant this sort of thing is.

    I'll bet he finds more crooked judges than he finds child molesters.

    Only a small percentage of men are molesters, but everyone loves money.;)
  15. We need Kira. ;)

    Sadly this is not that surprising...

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