The Obama Deception

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  1. Why do people think Alex Jones is a nutcase? He seems to make a hell of a lot of sense to me.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪The Obama Deception HQ Full length version‬‏[/ame]
  2. Why am I not surprised at this? :rolleyes:
  3. Maybe because he acts like one. :confused_2:

    Too slow to download that movie, But ive seen his bad excuse for a documentery called New World Order.

    I believe alot of the ideas he has, the 'conspiracy' theories if you will, He is just a horrible person when it come to presenting the info.

    And in the one that i have seen, he has very little, to NO facts about BIG things. He calls himself a journalist, but produces things with little facts. That is why I think he is a nutcase. He has a huge stage, a huge story, but he shits the bed when it comes time to interact/interview his targets, and present the valid info. He 'wears his heart on his sleeve' and its too easy to see him coming. And the targets dodge his questions. He couldn't trap air with a balloon.
  4. Even an idiot can see that Obama's not doing a great job though, it hardly makes Alex Jonesany easier to take seriously simply because he can state the obvious.
  5. [ame=""]YouTube - Alex Jones becomes a Super Saiyan‬‏[/ame] His Fear Mongering power is over 9000!!!!
  6. I watched about 3 minutes of this, and the first person interviewed was some hip-hop artist comparing obama to a burger king manager... from what else I saw this looks like a bunch of NWO conspiracy crap. I'll pass
  7. Alex Jones is a nutcase because if the government wasn't committing the atrocities he says they are, he wouldn't be making millions of dolllars.

    His wealth relies on the status quo remaining the same.
  8. You're assuming this man is in it for the money. Not saying I agree with this guy though but not everybody is greedy.
  9. Saying Alex Jones isn't in it for the money is like saying the US isn't in the Middle-East for oil. Saying Alex Jones is just trying to spread the truth is like saying the US is in the Middle-East to help spread freedom and peace.


    Come on dude, the man has a Skyline GT-R (made in Japan, I might mockingly add). While he's bitching about millions of people being unable to afford food, clothes, water or shelter, he's off spending over $100,000 on a supercar to drive his ass around in style, speed, and comfort - if his words were truly aligned with his motivations, don't you think he would funnel the money he makes from advertisements and merchandise to helping support legislation that actually stands a chance at changing the way things in America are run? Or maybe start some kind of charity/organization that buys foreclosed homes and lets families sleep there while they look for stable work? Or maybe start a farm that grows food for people who can't afford to eat? I dunno man, there's lots of things that can be done with his money, but he chooses to pamper himself first.

    If the government wasn't doing what it is, he wouldn't have a job that pays him millions of dollars. The guy makes a lot of money while things stay the same.
  10. Point taken. Fuck him.
  11. lol u think hes a millionaire? doubt it. I dont see why its bad to sell films that expose the government. films that u can watch for free online anyway.

    I dont think hes a bad dude, he just takes it to far sometimes. Hes an attention whore.

    Ive read/watched some of his shit and does come out with good original news sometimes. just thought id give my honest opinion, rather then take the easy way and bash alex jones.
  12. Your arguements just continue to never have anything to them. Why can't you form a proper arguement? I must have asked you this about six times in four different friends. All you do is make baseless conjecture.

    The only conclusion I can come to is your an emotionally motivated person who never relies on objectivity for reasons to do anything. Maybe you could watch it, piece it apart, show me something? I'm a humble individual who's willing to admit when he makes mistakes, but you...
  13. I can see your point there, I don't know many of the people talking in the documentary but they seem to make a lot of sense to me.

    The Federal Reserve IS above the law. It does make a lot of sense that the President is just a figurehead for people above with their own agendas, and that's why the country always heads in the same direction with very small points sometimes branching off to distract us.

    A privately owned business owns America and the Government - by extension people - can't do anything about it. They're running you all into the ground to fund themselves and their interests even more.

    Let's put the Alex Jones bashing aside and just talk about that point, would you agree to the rest?
  14. "Little Elves.....You're not seeing pink elephants, folks!" :hello:

    I thought it was a parody made with edited tapes, but it's actually Alex Jones in his own words!

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Alex Jones opinion about DMT‬‏[/ame]
  15. What he's saying is a bit crazy and out-there. But I'd prefer to be a person who considers people's opinions even if they're crazy rather than just labelling them as you so commonly do.

  16. Why would I want to consider the opinions of a paranoid right wing reactionary nut that believes in devils and all kinds of other bullshit from the bible?

    I will say that have read and listened to Terrence McKenna, the guy that first started talking about the drugs that caused him to see what appeared to be the elves from other dimensions that Alex Jones has obviously heard about second or third hand. McKeanna was a great storyteller, and usually very interesting. Alex Jones is the complete opposite - he's blaming a drug that he has no understanding of, not to mention that he's one thousand percent wrong about the Bilderberg guys injecting it and plotting to "get rid of" everybody because the "elves" told them to. If you want to hear about this stuff then at least go to a souce that is reliable and knowledgeable, like McKenna - not that idiot Alex Jones.
  17. I'm just saying you should consider everyone's opinion once, not saying he's right in any way, shape or form. But it's better to consider their opinion, disagree rather than label them an idiot. That's deconstructive and uncivilised.
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    I've considered AJ's opinions, many of them, and most of them are rubbish. I saw him, and some of his followers, about five or six years ago, in the NYC financial district, near Ground Zero, where I used to work. He was shouting through a bullhorn, "9/11 was an inside job! 9/11 was an inside job!". I was probably the only person in the street that even knew who he was, since the 9/11 conspiracy bullshit is mostly situated in places other than the New York City area. Thankfully, the 9/11 Truther movement is not getting any larger and eventually it will be only a few die-hards left.
  19. Well, you have to admit there are a lot of inconsistencies in the 9/11 report. Plus, $600,000 spent on its investigation? They put more money into investigating Bill Clinton in his affair.

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