The Obama Deception

Discussion in 'Politics' started by provin1327, May 2, 2009.

  1. I just started watching, seems like it will be good

    [ame=]YouTube - The Obama Deception HQ Full length version[/ame]
  2. doooood.

    I knew it. I knew he was the one.........


    now I'm sad in my pants
  3. We should all just start calling him osomabamiden, I'm telling you.
  4. Osama Vs Obama, the only difference is BS.
  5. you didn't notice the biden part... look at it again. :rolleyes:
  6. ^ took me a while :smoking: but I got it
  7. Meh. He's a lying empty suit just like most other politicians. He just has enormous charisma and hence blind followers.

    I didn't watch that whole thing but the first five or ten minutes was not news to me. I could have told you this before he was elected.
  8. It was all news to me (well I know everything is controled by money and banks, but not these specific details
  9. this been posted 2 or 3 times already... Learned some stuff when i watched it though.
  10. thanks for posting that.
  11. Obama can suck my dick. His dumbass is going to get us all killed!
  12. I think the guy who talks in it (the guy from InfoWars) kind of gives conspiracy guys like me a bad name.
    I tried to listen to his radio show once, and the advertisements really made me not want to take him seriously, at all.
    "Would you be able to survive a nuclear fallout?"
  13. Obama was a better choice than McCain, but either way there will ALWAYS be someone who bitches about the decision.
  14. Can we at least agree hes better (so far..) then Bush? ;) lol
  15. It seems like the majority of the posters in here seem to not have watched the video, or failed to understand the concept of it.

    I'm not gonna explain, because it's evident as to who is behind it all.
  16. shadows...

    its all a huge game of intrigue..played in the shadows, far from the eyes of what normal people can see

    you can get lost in them, and never to be seen again

    for me..i thrive in them..keeps me alive

    obama is just a puppet, no need to blame him, except for him selling his soul and willpower for a chance in the oval office

  17. They're out to get you bro. :(
  18. Alex Jones is a fruitcake lol.
  19. Goddamn this stuff is annoying...

    Wow, really? There are business interests that push politics in certain directions? No shit Sherlock. Politics and special interests are interlinked; they have been since politics began.

    If that bothers you then by all means, vote Libertarian, protest shit, do whatever it is you're compelled to do...

    But don't try and suggest that Obama's a member of some secret club that plots for the destruction of liberty and freedom throughout the world. When you do that you oversimplify a very complex problem and thereby make real issues look silly and stupid.

    Also, "New World Order" doesn't necessarily mean whatever the hell these fucktards thing it means just because they suggest it does. "New World Order" means just that- a shift in the world. There was a NWO after WWI, WWII, 9/11, etc.

    And for all you people that think you're getting in on some big secret, does it strike you as slightly strange that these assholes are trying to sell their DVD? You don't think they have their own agenda? They're preying upon your fears to make cash goddamn it...

    WAKE UP!

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