~*The NuggLab*~ Presents: Taliban Weed Seeds

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  1. You read that correctly. Afghan cultivars snatched from the grips of the Taliban by coalition forces in Afghanistan. Ok just a little dramatic but some of these did come from suspected Taliban drug operations.
    The short and dirty is that I have a buddy(now in the process of ETS from military) from the army who made it a career after I left many moons ago. He ends up serving tours in iraq and afghany and on this last trip to the affie he decides to start collecting seeds ala strain hunter and brings them home with some information on where they came from.
    I ran some over the summer with mixed results and nothing spectacular. I did not do a very good job of documenting this effort so i plan to do that here. Will document seed to bud in this journal.
    All plants will be germinated and grown indoors in soil and CGE(sealed/dehum/ac/C02).
    Have a few different selections and I will probably just try to stick to one variety at a time for this since I have other projects going on.
    Will provide specific information on particular cultivars as I start them or as requested.
    So lets start the show.

  2. Im just gonna pull up a seat riiiiiight here...  :bongin:
  3. Hello NuggPuffr :wave: excited to see what ya do with those seeds! I have a few jambalaya beans in my safe that I think have origins in your gardens.
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    So I am going to get this going with 10 Kandahar Province seeds I pulled from the fridge.
    These seeds come specifically from the Panjwai district which as I understand from my source is Taliban central. Not to many people living here that don't support them.
    These seeds are also from what he calls the best herbs he had seen in the country. My previous test with the nawar and nurestan beans were not so impressive but I also pretty much expected it. I need to see some spectacular plants come from here so that's why I am going with what I hope are the best chance for that.
    No soaking in distilled water or paper towels. Just right into the rapid rooters.
  5. I'm up in this bitch fo show!!!
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    Shit.....I'm like 4th....late as usual.......wouldn't miss this for the world....glad I stumbled upon it :wave: [​IMG]

    Im curious to know what your germination rate was for the first batch of these seeds?
  7. So we have 3 sprouts that came up yesterday and are in their initial pots now.
    I see action on 6 of the remaining 7 so it looks like it should be a good turnout.
  8. it was 99%. All of the seeds look extremely fresh and there were even immature seeds that I weeded out. Sort of what I expect being as they came right from the plants.
  9. Kicking back to watch the show
  10. Welcome! Just the dogs days of seedling stage right now. 100% germination rate. Everything is in 1/2 gal pots right now.
  11. Finally on board of a great journal from the start. I'm a big fan of your work.
  12. Thanks and glad to have you on board. I don't start many projects I don't intend to finish so you should expect a complete and well documented journal if nothing else.
  13. So 9 out of 10 is the official count. Still have one sleeping in the rapid rooter
  14. I'm in for this show for sure!
  15. Moved the gang under some LEDs. The light seems stronger than the floro and my other plants seem to like it so lets see how these do. I believe LED give off considerably less UV than does Floro and Metal Halide, which is what I normally veg under.
    Camera White balanced under the LED
  16. Cool, you've got LED in the lab too! What's the deats on em?
  17. Looking good so far.

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  18. have a couple 120w led panels. nothing special. got them a few years ago when LED were getting big and I was looking for a way to cut heat in during summer veg. They put out a good amount of lumens.
  19. Day 19 since germination.
    So far so good.
    Already looking better than my first run. Plants actually look uniform.
    Nice tight node spacing. Not sure if that is the led or the genetics.
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    Wow that is nice and tight, you don't come across that too often. And you're right they all look like clones, geez!

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