The Nug Blunt [VIDEO]

Discussion in 'General' started by chucktown, May 9, 2012.

  1. My buddy and I took a long homegrown nugget, and pearled it up in some blunt wraps without breaking it down. I'll let the video speak for itself.

    [ame=]The Nug Blunt - YouTube[/ame]
  2. With that hair you don't even have to worry about being identified. (I'm assuming that you are the one with the hair and that you live where this is illegal just because.) Not breaking it up seemed to have no real effect on how easy it was to smoke. So why do I bother?
  3. holy fuck dude....try rolling a 5g joint its way better i just like joints better though...
  4. I've always wanted to do this. But that's too much paper, next time take some off the wrap.
  5. Cool video, must have been a lovely joint. Personally I never like to roll anything without breaking it up properly first. If you put whole nugs in your joints/blunts/bowls often quite a bit of weed can go to waste, and as I'm not currently growing I can't afford to waste weed.

    The reason being that fire needs oxygen to burn, and when it's a solid nug the oxygen only goes around the outside, meaning you often don't actually burn much of the inside of the nug. So if you put lots of big nugs, or one big nug like this in your joint/blunt/bowl, you'll likely be ashing chunks of weed that could have been smoked. If you get hard or black ash then that's definitely the case, since fully burnt weed ash should be white.

    When you break it all up properly the oxygen goes throughout the mixture and it all burns evenly, so all you'll be ashing is nice white ash when the buds burnt through completely.

    Not to say it was a bad idea in your case, especially when you're growing and a tiny bit of wastage isn't a problem (especially since if you were worried about wasting a little bit you'd be using a bong or pipe anyway ;) ) but mainly just posting this for the lazy people who'll want to start rolling without grinding their weed. :p
  6. Holy paper batman!
  7. I hope you took out that big ass stem I seen in the beginning.

  8. Stem was removed, you can see later on I think.

    Definitely too much paper. It was a first attempt kind of thing, and I put two wraps together to make it. I knew it was too much rolling it, but I was not driving my ass back to the corner store, haha. :smoke:

    Thanks for the input. It not only ashed to white, but kept its nug shape. Completely made of ash, I could still discern different parts on the bud where I was lazy with trimming.
  9. Pretty sweet bro, I would like one of those myself just to say I have had a full nug blunt. How many G's went into that? (even though it don't matter cuz you be growing)

  10. I think it was like 3 grams. This is actually my first grow! Got some nice big purple girls!

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