The Nude Bud Guide- Smoke Naked Much?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Medicine Al, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. THIS IS A SERIOUS INQUIRY!!!!!!! (stop tittering)

    I love to be naked whenever I can, so naturally, that means I am often nude while I smoke. On the patio, in the spa, out by the pool, catching some rays. In the house, anywhere I want, naked at will, my uncovered human body has no thrill for me other than that I just feel better that way. It's not some deviant thing either, I happen to have a very private area for my nudity, I am not a flasher. I am a naturist.

    This is a lifestyle I love, and it's available to everyone, short or tall, big or small, bring your weed and free your meat, drop your tops, and bottoms too, load a pipe, roll a blount, strip it down and spark it up!

    Get naked and get stoned! What are you afraid of? Getting caught?

    What are your thoughts on smoking naked?

    Where have you smoked naked before? Be honest!

    A couple of my locations were the top of Mauna Kea volcano, in Hawai'i, and on the beach in San Diego.
  2. Only time I will smoke naked is when I'm in the shower or have a female next to me :)
  3. ill smoke with my pants down while im taking a shit sometimes if i have the sudden urge to poop :smoking:
  4. kirara and I sit naked and get stoned often.

    We both lost weight this last year and like seeing each other nude again;)

    We've sat nake and gotten high in a couple of penthouses. In Charlotte Nc a chopper flew up and took a peak.

    We sit in most hotel rooms nude looking out the windows getting high. I could name them all, but it take a long time. I traveled in a bus for many yrs. Went to every town in the us.

    Nude is good.
  5. We used to hit the sand volleyball up at Black's beach in SD on vacation, always fun on a sunny day. We got stoned in between games, and drank a few cold ones, then more volleyball. I could spend everyday of my life like that, nude beach, beers and bowls. Haven't been there in a while, though, I hear its not nude friendly anymore.
  6. Whah, it's funny you mention. I smoked naked this morning, not alone at that. (my gf that is, no me and my buddies don't sit around naked and roll up a blunt)
  7. Hah, whitewarrios knows what I'm talking about.

    Nice avatar too. Entourage is the shhiittt.
  8. I love showing up to a huge sesh in the buff!
    Quite the trip!
  9. im sure many would agree with me but certain ppl shood keep their clothes on

    but yea now that i think about it i hav smoked nude on various occasions

    on one recent occasion i dropped some of the contents of my bowl on my stomach and it burnt like hell but i was able to save the weed :D
  10. Not once... no reason, its just never come up.
  11. Yeh, Spaz smoked naked quite often. ( Damnit! Or, Atleast I used to. :()

    I still love being naked, despite no longer blazing. It's just... Natural. I'm guilty of geting fucked up ( whether drinking, smoking, whatever), and just randomly getting naked, haha. But Kudos to the Nudists. Enjoy your naked smoking bro!
  12. I envy you Al. Sounds like you have a nice setup at your place.

    Wish I had that kind of privacy...

    I have been to some wild parties out here...clothes come off...orgies, even. Free love man. Hippies. I haven't participated personally, but I don't have a problem with it, really.

    Kinda weird seeing complete strangers, naked as the day they were born. Happens frequently in college, tho:smoke:

    Once you know what somebody's private parts look like, you never look at them the same way. haha. Even if it was accidental.
  13. Not really a nudist. Can't sleep clothed but most of the time clothes don't bother me. Still- the weed and masterbation has taught me one VALUABLE THING: Hot ash on genitals hurts like a motherfucker and takes all the fun out of it...
  14. Im to fat and hairy to look at myself naked
  15. They used to tell you, in order to lose fear of speaking in public, to picture your audience in their underwear. I went too far once, and now I picture my audience naked! I have never been able to see society or fashion the same way since.

    We drove to the observatory on Mauna Kea, on the island of Hawai'i, to watch the sunset from the top of the Island. It is about 13,000 feet elevation, and as we were watching the sun sink down into the Pacific ocean, looking out toward the Island of Maui and its collosal volcano Haleakala, we decided to hike to a vista point and smoke a little Kona. Feeling the need to purify, of course we strip away the trappings of our failed society (clothing) and sit down to the most beautiful dream sequence I've ever lived through. The finest weed, the finest companion, and the best view in history. Perfection for an hour, true beauty in my memory.

    As the old song says, "they can't take that away from me"....
  16. I am similiar, however I always wear my boxers, I feel more comfortable with them, perhaps it's because I'm no Ron Jeremy :(.
    When I was a very young child, I used to run around nude everywhere it seems. I have videos of from when I was a baby till I was like 10 years old of me just nude, it's disturbing and funny at the same time.
  17. I dont have many opprtunities to smoke naked, but I enjoy them when I get a chance, as long as I dont get burned.

    ^^heh, funny thing I just remembered, when I was a Kid I used to love to see my prim and proper Abuela get all up in a tizzy when I would run around naked, eventually she began to call me "La Liebre Pelada" (skinned rabbit).

    Good times.
  18. next time i grab a bag i will try smoking naked sounds fun whats better than smoking all natural:p
  19. You haven't lived until you've crammed eight people, naked as the day they came, into a Geo Metro and blasted down the highway at 90MPH just praying to be pulled over.

  20. Now we're talking serious fun!!

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