The NSA Cant Tell Bernie Sanders If Its Spying On Him, Because That Would Violate His Privacy

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    what a fully loaded bull shit statement that is, what does one consider "fairly" or to what extenct do you classify "spying"? if youre watching us holding our cocks in 3d, whenever we read fun articles about recruting attempts not going so well, thats spying, also weird.
  3. NSA, NSA, NSA.  Is that how the chant goes these days?
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    when did Bernie Sanders start calling himself (I)?
    that's pretty funny..
    Bernie is a socialist.  He doesn't vote along democratic lines all the time.  He obviously leans left, but he's no democrat.
  6. I'll never forgive Bernie for stabbing Ron Paul in the back when he cosponsored an audit the fed bill with Paul and then voted to against it. 
    He called it a compromise. I wonder what made Bernie change his mind? Ideollogically he should want to stand up to banking interests? Well what made him change his mind? Could it be the NSA? Or maybe Bernie will suddenly get a windfall of cash and comfy retirement a few years from now?
    That is one of my biggest issues with Bernie too.  They had a chance to reel in the FED and he failed us.
  8. I am happy someone is trying to introduce legislation to stop the NSA. What Bernie said is one of the exact reasons we need that shit stopped. The NSA could be used to blackmail politicians who go against the POTUS ushering in total control. It seems a little far fetched and I don't think it would be over night but the possibility is there.
    Now with that said I don't trust Sanders after the Audit fiasco. Him saying all this might just be him pandering to the ppl while behind the scenes he has every intention of making the bill fail.
    Since...  always. 
    Well, technically he started his political career in the Liberty Union Party and switched to Independent in the 80's.  He's ran as an (I) ever since. 
    Fun fact:  the Liberty Union Party was founded by my crazy-ass neighbor.
  10. Bill O'Reilly is an (I) too..
    He didn't vote against it.  It wasn't going to pass at all, so he made some compromises on it that Ron Paul didn't like, so RP accused Sanders of selling out on facebook, lol.
    The fed was audited because of a bill (if not the original one) co-sponsored by Sanders.

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    Bill O'Reilly doesn't have a political career with a clear, independent, third-party voting history.
    Sanders is not exactly secretive about where he stands politically, and it's far to the left of most democrats in office.  But, he's one of the very few politicians on the national level (the only one?) who has gotten there entirely as a third-party, independent candidate. 
    In other words, he doesn't call himself a socialist but then slap a (D) on the end of his name to collect DNC funds.
  13. The fed was only partially audited Sanders "compromise" took the teeth out of the bill. 
  14. the fed changed hes mind, that much is obvious, they have the most to gain from not passing the bill, they will do all that they can to make sure they can stall or stop any attempts made to find just who these gangsters work for and what it is they do.
  15. Because it wouldn't have passed at all!
    More likely Obama wouldnt of signed it.
    Hooray for semi-transparency!!!
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    That's what I said. Or at least the article that I linked to said.

    If this thread is about Bernie Sanders, then trying to connect Bernie to the Federal Reserve is like trying to connect Ron Paul to George Bush and Dick Cheney.

    Bernie has been in politics for 40 years in my state. I don't agree with all of his ideas (seriously), but I guarantee you he is one of the least corrupt politicians we have. He works very hard for Vermonters. :)
    Well Bernie directly acted to make the bill less potent.
    What would of been the best course of action for the White House? Have a bill passed that completely audited the Fed; have a bill pass that Obama doesnt sign, and risk media attention; or have a "compromise", and be able to say their was an audit, but it barely revealed anything.
    It's pretty clear the best option for the Whit House was option 3. It should of been all or nothing.

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