The notorious Jack McClellan

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    "PSA:Jack McClellan lived in Washington state, is a admitted peophile, likes little girls, a disturbed individual. He is now in L.A, has come out of the closet and has given interviews about why he does not think lusting after little girls 3-11 is wrong."

    Also he is a new blade who has made fifty posts today, most of which are quite offensive. He is maliciously molesting, molding and manipulating the modern minds of our maturing members.

    Now listen here pansy boy... We don't take too kindly to pedophiles 'roud hurr.... oooorrrr do we? I mean this is an internet forum... about weed..... do we really have any standards? :eek:

    so GC...

    Let's sit back and enjoy this new, audacious blade and his bold antics before his is banished.. or sent to prison

    Every thread I've seen him in, this has been my reaction:

    Oh no he di'int!! lol :D
  2. yeah i noticed him too haha
  3. What's a "Peophile?":cool:
  4. hes gay but likes little girls?

  5. Whats his screen name on here????
  6. Thank you for making this thread. I've reported him like 5 times his posts are really pissing me off but unfortunately hes still a member of the city
  7. [quote name='"Stigma"']Whats his screen name on here????[/quote]

    Jack Mcclellan just like the thread title
  8. Yeah...Mods probably have other shit to do like savin' the world from the forces of darkness or somethin'.:cool:
  9. That's your message? Really? "Needs" to be heard?

    Come on now.:cool:
  10. [quote name='"OscarZetaAcosta"']Yeah...Mods probably have other shit to do like savin' the world from the forces of darkness or somethin'.:cool:[/quote]

    Lol I love you Oscar
  11. Hey guys...

    I am gonna go out on a limb here....

    I think it might be a troll...

    Just sayin...


  12. Damn Oscar...this blade is professing their love for u...

    U are good.
  13. Jesus Christ!! What has this world come to! Im going to get baked ;) and watch some youtube videos on this Jack Mcclellan fellow..shouyld be interesting

    I remembver a while ago there was a blade that claimed he was a molester but I knew he wasnt just cuase the shit he said was really funny. That was like when I first signed up
  14. As do I love you...My People.:cool:

  15. how is one a legal pedophile
  16. You can't just put "Legal" in front of something like that...

    Your move, sir.:cool:
  17. You need to obtain a liscence
  18. [quote name='"St00bz"']

    how is one a legal pedophile[/quote]

    Yeaa word , you got a certificate or some shit ?

  19. from a doctor? :smoke:
  20. Just pay the tax.

    Its not cheap, but for the right price u can fuck kids in this country. Im sure of it.

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