the not so 60 day wonder...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by naughty0, May 15, 2010.

  1. So, no doubt some people here have heard of the 60 day wonder, an auto flowering plant said to produce within 60 days... needless to say i thought that sounded great. then after paying through the nose for 6 seeds I find only 1 germinates. Anyone else had any luck with these?
  2. I've got two going. Both seeds sprouted. Dang hearty, tough and fast growing girls (named Flora and Dora). Sorry you're having troubles. Try another seed and plant it right in the soil, about 1/8" down. Very lightly cover it with a just a few grains of soil. Water it with water first --and use a spoon. A couple three spoonfuls each time (once or twice a day). Damp not soaked. Keep a fluorescent light fairly close for light and warmth. Should sprout very nice within a couple of days (but be patient if it doesn't and stick to the routine). Switch to a 1/4 strength nutrient feed at that point. In a week or two she should be into flowering. I'm telling you stuff you already know I'm sure. But I'm trying to cheer you up! :)
  3. yep, had luck with em, good and bad. smokin some right now and i'm polluted. they aren't 60 days wonders, none of em are unless you are using 1000w+. for everyone else it's about 8-10 weeks. still faster than non auto's unless you bypass veg. altogether.
  4. LOL, funny enough i have some seedlings that I started about 6 weeks ago that i was hoping would catch up my slow growing leda unos, but then they got so big they HAD to go into 12/12, and as I only have one grow room... you can guess the rest :)

    I'm running 1200w, problem is all the labels washed off (don't asK) so I have no idea which plants are which, other than the leda unos... Though i could have a good guess at which are blue cheese and which are super lemons!

    I'm completely un-convinced by the 60 day thing, but if one plant flowers faster than the others and is quite smokable I'll change my mind!
  5. theoretically you could yank em after 60 but i really don't think the trich's are close to being done by then....they don't show sex for 3 weeks usually so 60 days would mean 5 weeks of flower, and 6-9 is much closer to being accurate depending on the buzz you want.

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