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The North East Growers Thread

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by brett119, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. headie shot just put a blanket over it man. That's what I'm doing friday night.
  2. Same here got 2 but I put a trash bag over it Tonite Tomoro is supposed to be hella sunny. Finally
  3. 32 here tonite. I'm just going to cross my fingers.
  4. Does anyone know what I can use to screen kief that I can buy at a store.. I planned on using the dry Ice and 5 gal bucket deal
  5. Hey im a casually late haha. Im in south shore MA. 2nd harvest coming for me. Well i wouldnt call it a harvest only one fem out of 5 plants this year. But last year i pulled way to early so im waiting right up till the first frost to pull my only girl. Someone said the first frost might be saturday. Anyone know? Interested to see what u guys pull ::smoke::

  6. Man when did yall start your grows? Im up in Nova Scotia and my babies are all jarred up and curing except for one that is still drying.
  7. I started mid april.

  8. I have read in some grow guides that if you are not using an auto flowering seed and you start too early outdoors that sometimes the plant will take longer to flower. And sometimes if you start later that the plant freaks when the days start to get shorter and flowers like crazy trying to catch up. I have tested this theory and I have found that it seems to be more what strain you are growing.
  9. I sucessfully protected my plant from frost last night and am gonna have to do the same tomoro hopefully for the last time. Anyway here's a pic but don't get too excited its looks better in the picture lol

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  10. How is this thread dying guys? It's harvest time or at least close watcha got ?!
  11. I pulled my single diesel plant about a week and a half ago. She had about 60% to 75% milky trichromes which was fine for me. Plus, the weather was just getting nastier and nastier. Rainy, windy, humid, and cool. Not a recipe for good results. I could have left her out there for another week or two but Im content with my decision to harvest when I did. Here is a pic of her about a week or so before she got pulled:

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  12. I went out to hopefully harvest my last 4 plants. Not ready yet! Getting more frosty, but not even 5% amber trics.
  13. Looks like a hearty indica road lizard the weather was pretty bad for me this week but the weight just isn't there yet on my plant. And you must be a master magnifier smokeybones I'm having loads of touble distinguishing my tichs. Their either mostly cloudy and some amber or clear and some dying lol . Some of them look black but I can't get a good view so I'm not sure, the north east is a difficult climate to grow in.
  14. Did you get a pocket scope? Google trichome pics look at them.
  15. Yep - very pleased with how she turned out. Extremely dense buds(like rocks) and lots of good lower buds too which I thank the all-empowering sun for. They are in jars as we speak getting better and better ;)

    I also noticed that some of my trichs colors were hard to discern. I eventually found good areas on each main bud with a bunch of trichromes and then used that area to determine what to do. I did see a few going amber and a few were crystal clear. But, most were opaque and thats when I pulled. Im sure a few trichs go "rogue" and amber early or stay clear longer. Just use an average from the thickest part of the bud. I was using a $10 dollar pocket microscope from Amazon with settings of 60x, 80x, and 100x. 80x worked best for me and clearly showed what I needed to see. Takes a steady hand and good focus but when you nail it, you'll be like wow!

    FYI - some of the lower budsites can be a little behind in trich development due to less sunlight. You could chop the tops and leave the plant going a little longer so the bottoms get a week of solid sun. I didnt - I just pulled the whole thing at once.
  16. covered it with a blanket and a trash barrel. Looks pretty good other then the fact the fan leaves have been sinking for the last 48 hours (not very much sun during that span.) the top of the plant got curved from the weight of the blanket but seems to be fixing itself.

    All my leaves are still green as green can be, the flower hairs on the top of the plant are turning a purplish brown, while the rest are still white.

    It is supposed to be nice out for the next 10 days, hoping for the best.
  17. [quote name='"Smokeybone"']Did you get a pocket scope? Google trichome pics look at them.[/quote]

    Yeah I got a pocket scope with a light from the shack. But with everything moving , me and plant , I can only get a focus for a second or two. But ill learn to make it work.
  18. Also woulnt chopping the mature half of the branches off stunt, nay.. completely halt growth?
  19. I read that if you water your girls just before a frost that it helps them come thru ok. I did just that and it worked out fine, I covered one also with an old bedsheet too. I really need a couple more weeks as most of these are sativa dominant strains. I don't have any big buds, there popcorn sized.
  20. Preferrably with warm water. The more water the harder it is to freeze basically my 2 cents

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