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  1. I'm gonna keep this thread for my outdoor grow and will post pics of the progress. Those of you that live in the north east part of the country are more than welcome to use this thread for your grow journal also.

    Anyway I found my spot for the season and I'm gonna start digging holes this week. I grew on my land last year but I thought It was too risky since I'm not too far off the path. This spot is about 500 yards from my house and is in a small clearing in the middle of the woods. Lots of thorn and briar patches surround it. I'll post some pics this week. Its gonna be a bitch digging in the rocky soil of pa haha.
  2. NJ in here, gonna be my first grow this year :cool:
  3. Hey man, how far off from albany are you? I'm about 25 minutes. We could be neighbors :p
  4. Ill be checking in on this... im in Ohio but dont plan to start growing until around the end of April atleast
  5. Good question

    Whens everybody starting their plants? Im still waiting on seeds
  6. Do you know where Binghamton, Ny is? I'm about 20 min south of there. I live on the state line of pa/ny

    I plan to start mine in a week or so. Gotta see what the weather is doing. I'm praying it won't go below the high 30s at night time

  7. The weather really changed rapidly this weekend, it was 70s all week, then it went way down
  8. Yea I know man. Last week I was thinking about germin seeds but idk now. Prob gonna wait around 2 weeks. I still need to dig my holes and buy soil and perlite. I use the organic soil from agway and use the Blue Mountain Organics line of nutes. It worked well last year so why not use it again. It's like $8 for a 40lb bag from agway. At least 10 bags. I'm thinking 1 bag per hole with some perlite and moss mixed in for a airy soil mix.
  9. Yeah Lanky, same here. Lows around here are still in the 30s, still a little cold to start for me. Trying to throw together a cold frame soon.

    To a warm and sunny season :smoking:
  10. Idk guys the weathers not looking that bad around me, lows of like 45 for the next week and a half.
  11. 27 degrees low tmrw :eek:
  12. I found a decent deal for fem seeds. 4 for $25 Its white widow X big bud. Last year I used bag seed and they turned out good. I'm a bit worried they won't come in the mail if I buy em but hey its only 25.
  13. Woah just checked the weather your right lanky, it's all over the place. gunna be bringing them in at night it looks like.
  14. Yeah the weather in jersey is all over too. Can be in the low 30s at night. I'll be keeping the babies inside till end of april.
  15. I live in southeast PA and im starting mine near the end of april. I found a perfect spot but then i noticed someone put a tree stand there so need to go find a new spot. Good luck to everyone!
  16. Im in MA and the weathers been the same here. Even though it's been really warm for this time of year we have to remember when the average last frost date is because one frost can ruin everyhting. Depending on weather i'm thinking about putting my plants outside at the end of April, what's everyone else thinking?
  17. I'm probably giving it another 3 weeks. They can withstand the high 30's. I'll risk it with bag seeds but I'll start the feminized seeds a bit later.

    I bought some compost and top soil with peat moss mixed in. Got 5 bags for $10 and change. Gonna need to grab like 15 more bags. Dug 6 huge holes but forgot the camera. I'll try to remember it tomorrow

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    any vermonters here? im currently waiting on my seeds from attitude...ill be keeping em under a 400 watt MH light for the rest of april (figure it will be late april when they arrive) and the month of may to transplant into holes by the end of may/beginning of june...soil mix will be 2 parts kellog patio plus and 1 part coco coir with some perlite mixed in...seed line up will be:

    10- the doctor from GH seeds
    5- purple maroc
    5- vanilla kush from barney's farm
    and id like to do 3 NLxBigBud and 3 Afghan Kush ryder...for 6 total autos both from world of seeds...just gonna put them in 5 gal grow bags...3 in 2 different sunny spots...water when i can and if i can find some cheap fertilizer ill use that...if not..just straight up soil and water...since these plants are just for personal smoke...and the others are my cash crops :)

    planning to do 4 plots of 5...and spread out all the plants per spot

    going to FIM the plants before i plant them outdoors...then tie them down so they grow more sideways...using advanced nutrients heavy i can avoid extra trips to fertilize my plants....

    what are people's thoughts on 5 plants per spot..i live in a very very rural part of vermont...but how safe does that seem to grow that many...would love imput from other vt'ers or other new englanders!
  19. Hey man I have a sexy ass ex girlfriend who lives in vermont ;) she's a snow bunny, loves them mountains hahaha.
  20. ya VT is a good place...very rural...and very very small where i used to growing in canada since thats where i used to mulling over doing 4 plots of 5 or 3 plots of just all nervous about the the sky....but its such a far out area...that i think ill be ok...only planning to visit once every 4-5 put on the ferts...and every 10-14 days to water...every month....unless its really dry...we get a good amt. of rainfall here even in the summer

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