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Discussion in 'General' started by Mist425, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Yeah, so I feel like a real douche for asking this but here goes... I just got to college a few days ago (University of Michigan) and though this town has a reputation for being basically the weed capitol between the coasts, I'm sort of clueless on how to find bud. Here's why; during my high school years literally all the weed I ever smoked was either provided by friends (I'd chip in on a sack) or through friends (I'd pay for my own sack and a friend would pick it up when he was getting his own). Basically, I've never had any involvement with dealers. Though this wasn't really a problem in high school, now that I'm in a new place and basically don't know anyone, I'm not sure how to find someone. Advice for a moron?
  2. Use every one of your senses when reading a room of people or meeting others.

    Sight - Look for cannabis related belongings (ie. rasta colors, leafs, band apparel who are known for heavy smoking 311 for instance.)

    Smell - You know...

    Hearing - Listen to peoples choice of music, etc.

    Touch - no fuckin' idea, sorry :)

    Taste - still have no idea, holla!

  3. Since you're in college it should be way easy. Atleast better than trying to meet new people on the street so you're relativly in a safe zone. Just play it smart. If you see someone with hazy eyes or smell like dro just ask them where you can cop some trees. I trust you can come up with something. If anything you should be meeting new hookups left and right.
  4. UofM? Shit, find ANY kid on campus and you should be able to find a hookup. If you're a little paranoid (which you shouldnt be in Ann Arbor) then only talk to those who fit the "image" (hemp clothing or accessories, certain band/show/movie T-Shirts that are popular with smokers, etc) Believe me, all you have to do is ASK someone, anyone, and you will be able to find bud in Ann Arbor.
  5. just go up to everyone, even the sketchiest people, like for instance the dean, you never know, and just say 420. they either wont know what your talking about or theyl help you out
  6. I'd laugh if someone did that to me. Dealers here jump on the chance to make something off you so if you did that here you're sure to get licked. From out of town - you're getting skimped or robbed. I live in a nice city too.
  7. get a rasta hat with some dreds and ask people on campus is they like to pass the dutch to the left hand side :confused:
  8. ask the proffessors, thats how they got by in animal house !
  9. Frat party... or any party on campus. Where they gather, is where they smoke.
  10. wow you guys are crazy i would never sell bud to someone on the street and when people ask me i always tell them nah sorry, even if i smell of dank..i got robbed at gunpoint just comeing out of a liquor store with a blunt. i dont f around with people on the street
  11. yeah that's what i was going to say. find out where the party is on friday or saturday, go in and yell "damnit where can i get some bud?!" ... someone will hook you up.

    alternative, you could pm the guy posting here with the u of m avatar (sorry i forgot his name, but he seems chill). you're probably dorm mates!

    ... just don't mention app state to anyone ;)
  12. Before it starts getting cold (a couple weeks), go chill at the arb, I guarentee you'll find people smoking there. And most of the people that go there to chill/smoke are more of the hippie stoners that will be nice if you ask to join in.

    Frats are ok, but now that welcome week is over, you'll have to rush if you want to go to their parties.

    meet people that look like they smoke, chances are they do

    and if they put you in markley, just walk around your hall a bit, you'll probably be able to smell it a bit through the stench of old beer and vomit.


    Welcome to UM, Go Blue

    sorry your first game was so tragic
  13. go to a party u will find plenty and btw michigan guys great game the other day hahahah knocked right the hell off the top 25, for those who arent aware michigan state got beat by \t Appalachian State who was and never will be a ranked team but ya good luck finding weed on campus bro
  14. Jesus what was the score?
  15. first of all michigan is not michigan state, and second, fuck off, its bad enough i can't turn the tv on without being reminded of it

    also, where's your school on the all time win/winning percentage/national champs/bowl game wins list?
  16. grow urself and become a dealer!! u are ur own hookup. pay the price of your choice. every price is a good price when u buy from urself.
  17. QFT

    You won't get better bud anywhere else.

  18. LMAO + rep that made me laugh for some reason

    and to the original poster ... another great hint is a guy that rolls his own cigarettes .. i havent ever met someone that rolls his / her own smokes and doesent smoke bud

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