The Non-Hate and Positive Vibes Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by bkadoctaj, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. I'm sure this has been done before, but here's a place for our loving thoughts and inspirational dreams without the word "hate". :) Let's try to keep it positive... and no, this is not attempting to be a restriction of free speech.

    I just want to say first of all that I love all my friends at Grasscity. Each and every one of you has enhanced my life and there's still so much more of GC that I have yet to discover. What potential we have!

    Secondly, I want to give it up to the greatest medicine I've ever experienced: cannabis sativa. :) Truly a miracle drug if I ever saw one.

    Lastly, I want to say I believe in humanity, and I doubt any member of Grasscity can distance him/herself from that label. :)

    Actually, I also wanted to say I've never negative repped anyone on here... I haven't had the heart to do it. Has anyone else never done that?
  2. I fuckin love you all. I love my wonderful opportunity to live life and take it all in. I love getting to share ideas and feelings with the city, and I love weed.

  3. I love every person, place and thing that has come into my life and left its mark. Taking tiny pieces of myself, and leaving memories in return, forming the person I have become today.
  4. grasscity is the shit, i talk about evrything here :smoke:
  5. This is a beautiful community of diverse peoples; please try to stay positive and kind. :)
  6. I love weed! :hello:
  7. Yet another great day ends. Tomorrow is full of promise and adventure. Good night, Grass City. Sleep well and arise to what awaits you with a clear and fresh mind.
  8. u guys are gonna make me cry....
    i love this beautiful planet...i love this mystery 'life'..i love music..i love dancing through this life...i love experiences even psychedelic ones...i love freedom 'to be anything' ,i love that anything is possible..i love dreams and dreamers...i love when people can be just human beings..i love when i can be just a humanbeing..and lots more that i love and am grateful for..almost everything...i think...
  9. +rep for the thread, guy, someone has to sticky it :)

    im going to a bbq today. going to smoke a few bowls, eat some food, listen to some music, hang out with friends. gotta love summer:D

    peace love and music to all of you!
  10. Ill admit I "hate" alot of people but in general us humans are a good crowd. I dont find alot, but there are down to earth real loyal awsome people out there..

    So I say to those people...lets mutha fucking smoke some weed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a b.e.a.utiful day here in the Chi-town and Im going to enjoy it. Peace!
  11. Good Vibes *makes Woooshy Movement With Hand*!!!!!!!!
  12. Good vibes are the shit. Yeaaaaaa
  13. this place has been extremely awesome to me and to a good part of everyone else here over the last 2 years. i love u Grass City!!!
  14. I love grasscity and I love my life! People take life for granted, but it's just nice to sit back and actually enjoy it. I also enjoy hot cheetos!
  15. when im high im very happy and positive, and i just got high so here are mad positive vibes :smoke:
  16. Good vibes all around today. Who says you can't feel great on a cloudy day? All it takes is a J.
  17. all love here
  18. Everybody I love you
    Everybody I do
    Though your heart is an answer
    I need your love to get me through
    When I tell you I love you
    You can believe that it's true

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