The Non-Dual Is Best Understood Through Extreme Expression Of Polarity

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    The non-dual is understood most profoundly through extreme and intense expression of polarities. Non-dual can be accurately expressed through sticking to how things are “all one,” and these sorts of ideas, but this over time becomes bland and uninformative. If all is one, why must we be so careful to always remain neutral on everything? No no, this non-duality, the so-called middle way, is best understood through being able to integrate extreme expressions of polarity. It’s easy to say you understand the non-dual when you constantly surround yourself with statements of neutrality. Understanding and integration of the truth of the non-dual can only occur through immersing one’s self in opposing extremisms. Swinging back and forth between polarities, and pushing further and further towards more and more intense expression of each polar end. You must understand all manner of APPARENTLY dualistic expression in order to fully realize the truth of the non-dual.

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