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The Nissan Intima - New Concept Car [56K Beware]

Discussion in 'General' started by Vainglorious, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Neat. Except for the Brit style steering wheel
  2. Two things I love on cars...

    British steering wheels and analog clocks...

    If you ever speak a foul word of either of the two again I will kill your pet turtle...

    Watch your back son :devious:
  3. I don't see how any of that will work. For chrissake there's a Gourmet option in that GPS type thing above the cd/mp3/god player. This car is a precursor to the end of all living things on Earth.
  4. im willing to bet the gourmet takes you to a near-by restaurants screen on the gps... however thats not so much a concept as ia look how cool we can make a car look. because something like that would cost way outside the price range that Nissan sells cars at. maybe in 10-20 years.
  5. That looks pretty tight, too bad concept cars usually look nothing like the production models.

    I went to the Detroit Auto Show in 2003 back when they were unveiling the new Mustang body style and the concept looked fuckin BADASS. HUGE tires, monster looking and just pure fuckin sexiness in a car. They fucked up the production version big time.

    I saw this
    [SIZE=-1]INFINITI TRIANT concept there and I always thought it would be so badass if they kept it the same and it made it to production looking just like this:




  6. what kinda motor does it have?

    I could careless about how it looks I want to know specs!!

    and whoever decided to have the exhaust touching the bumper is one stupid mother fucker I see a problem with that already
  7. ya thats about $500,000 outta my price league... no thanx
  8. None of these even touch the cadillac sixteen concept...



  9. I bow to the Cadillac.
  10. yeah that is beautiful. although it looks very close to something else ive seen, maybe the crossfire? maybe.
  11. Im not into these futuristic cars. I'd much rather drive around my GTO Judge, pure fuckin American muscle. She purrrs so sweet when shes idling. :metal:

  12. hah your so gainesville. go gators
  13. all these cars are very silly.

    why cant car companies design nice functional cars, not this space age stuff. thhey are tryng to mix old style with space age technology and it doesnt work. cool pictures though

  14. Where do you think all the new technology put into production cars comes from?

    They test new ideas and technology on concept cars. Sure, they never produce any of the wild big rim'd, high horsepower future cars, but the technology is then run through production cars.

    So no, they aren't that silly. And while most of the time you'll be blinded by the chrome looking at one, they are pretty neat.
  15. [​IMG]

    Check out this bad boy.
  16. I just can't stomach most newer cars... Either way too round or way too boxy, it's so rare to see a car with a nice hot shape these days. And yeah, a lot of those features seem completely overkill.

    Either gimme an old muscle car, or leave me and my Jeep alone! :p
  17. 2010 camaro special edition



    2010 skyline gtr


  18. [quote name='drummersince99']2010 camaro special edition



    Dude no lie i saw That car but yellow haulin ass down my brothers street yesterday with my friend. Ive never seen the new Maro in person and then i see this, it was unreal. i thought it was a challenger at first but then i saw the big bowtire out front smilin at me and i had to :D back. Sounded mean as hell.
  19. concept is key :rolleyes:

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