The Night of 1000 Doses (Semi-Long Read)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by docleary, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. This is a story about two young souls (docleary and docsparky) who get their hands on some crazy substances, aka dextromethorphan. It was co-written the day after the experience (today).

    Where to begin? It started in target, where they found a DXM containing syrup with 30mg/5mL. They bought one bottle, and stole another because it was too expensive to buy both (not to mention suspicious). It was a break from the usual cherry, and surprisingly tasted really really delicious. Vicks44, Wild Berry (Berry Burst).

    Docsparky drank a bottle of cherry RobotussinDM before the endeavor occured. They returned to docleary's home, and proceeded to eat ***** food and dose immediately after. Sitting in docleary's room, playing Forza Motorsports and listening to The Who, Hendrix, Looney Tunes, and the Doors when it came on!

    They robolurked in the half-darkness. At this point, it would have been a strong drunk feeling, mixed with an odd euphoria and shallow paranoia. Tommy was the soundtrack for this introspective part of the experience.

    Cut to: 12 o'clock, Midnight. The lurkers have found their way downstairs, with a copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and assorted resin balls/roach papers. The trip was fading... Or was it?

    They fast forward through the Time Warp!!!

    Cut to: Basement, 12:30 AM. Docleary took the first hit of roach paper, and passed the bubbler (ghan-buri-ghan) to docsparky. They took huge hits, and after about 3 bowl packs of it Docsparky went to pass the bowl to docleary and he backed into the corner of the basement with terrified look on his face. From here it gets crazy, they decided not to smoke the rest of those papers and what have you, and went upstairs to blow their minds on more of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.... That got boring so they lurked their way to the computer to watch Dr. Octagon's "Aliens", and Tool's "Parabola". It was pretty awsome, as they were trippin face. Docleary admits that his trip was a 9.9/10, while docsparky puts his first DXM trip as 10/10 and last night's as a 9/10
  2. That stuff must suck compared to real psychedelics.
  3. its not a psychedelic. and no, its great.
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    what is with the third person... and who honestly is immature enough to steal dxm. 14 year olds?

    and dxm is a psychedelic you dumb fuck

    Name-calling is not allowed here, you know that. Make your point respectfully, please. -JD
  5. its a dissociative not a psyadelic you dumb %*^%
  6. Wow, chill the fuck out guys. Learn what you are talking about before you start pulling shit out of your ass.
  7. Imo DXM is hurting.

    I got into it for a bit but kicked that shit to the curb like a somethin-somethin.
  8. first, the third person is an effort to capture the sense that it wasn't my normal persona. and i apologize for stealing the one bottle of dxm, the store i usually buy it from for $1 a bottle closes at 5PM and i got there late. having forgotten my wallet at home, i had only $5 in my pocket, which was only enough to buy one bottle of dxm at another store.
  9. im sorry, and im really not trying to break balls- :( but,

    do real drugs.
  10. what makes a drug a real drug?

    it seems that apparently it is just your opinion that DXM is not a real drug. i will defend my opinion that DXM is a real drug, as much as opiate painkillers are real drugs, as neither were intended for recreational use.
  11. Ummm. DXM is a REAL drug. what makes it not real? The fact that it is over the counter? Trust me, being on dxm and you will know it is a real drug.
  12. im sorry, but a real drug doesn't taste so bad your eyes water

    you dont have to chug a whole bottle of a real drug for it to work

    and you can't buy real drugs at WAL*MART

    go try some acid or shrooms

    they will BLOW YOUR MIND compared to this jr. high bullshit robotripping you've been doing.
  13. i agree, but no offense, DXM is as legitimate a chemical compound as anything you would consider a "real drug" plus, with sufficient knowledge there is no reason to chug a bottle of anything. the fact that you can go buy a bottle of delsym at walmart, perform a simple water extraction, react with and consume a shot of lemon juice to trip for under 15 dollars is just plain convenient.

    that being said, i haven't taken DXM for years now. i prefer acid or mushrooms lol.
  14. alcohol is a real drug, right?
    you have to drink quite a bit to get a high, right?
    and you can buy it in walmart, can't you?

    and i have tried both acid and shrooms, but i prefer a dissociative trip like ketamine. except in my area, ketamine is hard to find. dextromethorphan is a very real drug.
  15. ROFL where can you buy alcohol in walmart?....besides rubbing alcohol (and u'd be fuckin stupid to drink that)
  16. What, you don't have super wal-marts that contain grocery stores? we have them in MAINE. you must live in an ass-backwards world.
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    hey, if someone is doing it this, the "right" way, then more power to you for knowing your stuff. my guess is though, that 99% of people don't.

    chugging cough syrup however, is disgusting and it just seems really childish to me for some reason :confused_2:

    im also pretty biased too i guess
    the one and only time i "robo-tripped" was probably 4 years ago when i was a little younger and a lot stupider
    it made me really fucking dizzy and sick and that was about it.
    throwing up red for 3 hours whilst not being able to see or think straight is not my idea of a good "trip

    touche on the alcohol comparison, but when i said drugs, i was specifically referring to those in the psychedelic category

    alcohol is made to drink, robotussin isn't.
    and there are a lot of other things in the syrup that you really DON'T want in your body in high doses.

    but like turtle said earlier, there are apparently better ways of tripping on dex.

    i learned something new today :)
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    yeah, i've heard of the agent lemon extraction, but why would i waste the time and material when i've never had any adverse effects from drinking the syrup?

    i think you didn't do the necessary research before you decided to use dextromethorphan. and the bold section is going to be my signature.

    and i'll go further with wal-mart drug comparison. each store has a pharmacy, doesn't it?

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