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The Nicki Minaj's Body Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by cnote1239, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Yeah her music's ok but her body is brilliant. Post more pics if you got em.
  2. Whats wrong with her face?
  3. She looks good depending on the picture & times it was airbrushed and photoshopped.


  5. I approve aha. Girl is THICK:hello:

  6. her music sucks and her body is fake.. but I would still hit :cool:

  7. now how am i supposed to sip this milk shake?

    its like im drinking breyers ice cream.
  8. Yeah nah, not appreciating :laughing:

    She gives off a Ru Paul kinda vibe...she might have a dick taped to her thigh
  9. She's a freak but she does have a good body sooo:

  10. this is why im not attracted to black chicks. cuz if this is the best that they have, then ill take my chances in a podunk trailer park any day.
  11. I think she's sexy as hell. I'd definitely give her a good old fashion smashin lol.
  12. I dont like dark black chicks, but caramel color skin is where its at. Beyonce:D
  13. damn the lolipop in the 2nd picture looks BOMB!

    havent had one of those fuckers in years and years, soo good :smoking:
  14. Damn, I'd hit that... with my car.
  15. To each their own, I guess. :confused_2:


    But she is smokin^
  16. I don't think she has a good body at all.

    Her ass is way too big for her tiny upper waist. Sorry, just my feelings.

    She has a beautiful face though, for real.
  17. thats what i say all the time:D

  18. LMAO to your avatar and your ^ quote.

    Dude that yeti snowman thing would piss me off SO much back in the day...:devious::mad:
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    go fuck yourselves

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