The news just told me Burt and Ernie are getting married?

Discussion in 'General' started by Verdurous, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Is this true? lol If so, the Sesame Street writers should get the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching acceptance and moral integrity. Ok, maybe that's a bit much. lol That's awesome, though.
  2. The characters in the show are getting married?
  3. Never mind. It was a bullshit tactic to get to people to not change the channel. I guess CBS said they're just best friends and are roommates.
  4. I am at a whole new level of confusion. :confused: :confused_2:
  5. its about time those. those rapscallions
  6. + Rep for validating what the news tells you :D that will come in handy when the Revolution happens
  7. This kinda stuff is just the end of the day they are just puppets :smoking:

  8. lol That's what they said someone said on facebook. Something to the effect that "Some people have way too much time on their hands if they're worrying about the sexual orientation and marriage arrangements of stuffed animals." :hello: lmao
  9. I saw another article about how the creators said officially they werent gay, but then again its the news.... not very reliable
  10. Dude. Cookie monster doesn't eat cookies anymore and I have seen Kermits legs. Wtf is that show anymore?
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    :cry: I miss cookie monster!

  12. WHAT?????? WHERE THE HELL WAS I??????????????

    My childhood has been forever tarnished. :cry:
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    I known I feel betrayed. The same way I felt when I was told Santa wasnt real.
  14. good job not understanding the news. they are NOT getting married, but some people are claiming they should get married to teach kids about acceptance of gays and what not. the show has come out and said they are not getting married, they are just puppets. and puppets dont have a sexual orientation.
  15. Did you not read my replies or do you just being rude for the hell of it? I understood the news perfectly, the news construed 'what's coming up' into something it wasn't.

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