The newest edition to my family :)

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  1. I was walking around in my local head shop today. I saw a lot of nice bubblers. Although, I did not like their prices. A little to steep for me.

    But then I saw this one. It was love at first sight, if you will. I didn't care about the price, I bought it on pure instinct. The employee working wrapped my new fresh piece in that nice soft bubble wrap, taped it closed with some nearby scotch tape. Then gently laid it inside a warm brown paper bag. There it lie, snuggly in place.

    I walked outside the store and took my new precious piece on home. There, I introduce my new infant to its family. Flagwin, the glass bowl and Shroomy, the one hitter. Mauer, the bong, wishes he could be here, but he is at his old house, so he sends his best wishes to the new piece.

    Once he was acquainted with his new family, I wasted no time to make him feel at home by letting him take his first bowl. I slowly filled him with water, to the perfect level. I filled him to the tippy top with some fine ground Marihuana.

    I then preceded to set him ablaze with my fire stick. I heard him holler with joy while his smokey essence filled my lungs. I slouched back enjoying each hit. I soon cashed the bowl and quickly refilled. "This baby hits like a champ" I said.

    After I laid my piece family down. I quietly walked downstairs to the computer to post this story. Thats where I have ended up.

    Now without any further adieu, may I introduce you to.... Bubby the bubbler!



    Alright guys, what do you all think?
  2. That's pretty sick man
  3. nice bub.

  4. $25 for that bad boy :smoke:
  5. nice piece and great read! i was laughin the whole time. enjoy man.
  6. haha nice bub and price. I loled at the writing style hahaha
  7. lololololol
    Janky bubbler but i must say, i thoroughly enjoyed the story.
  8. Best story ever
  9. Thanks guys lol. I guess being high does make one creative haha :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. Solid piece and great read.
  11. Nice pickup. Enjoy!:smoke:
  12. Thanks :) I sure will :smoke::smoking::hippie:
  13. Nice looking bub!

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