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  1. NL#5 at 20 days from seedling. HPS

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  2. I'll be posting more about the box itself later...but it is working great.

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  3. of course there is no "dirt",yikes,,who want's that?

    (sterilized and in equal parts)perlite,vermiculite,sand,peat,and an amount of fine dolomitic lime added according to my experience.

    ferts,,I veg only with Rapid Grow 23-19-17

    pray for females with me people.......

  4. It's already showing male clusters........under 24/7

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  5. ndica,
    excuse my ignorance, but how can you tell a male cluster? I'm 4 weeks into my first grow with 2 bagseed and 2 superskunk under flouro. i have noticed different patterns of leaf growth from single leaves randomly to the classic 'hand' sort of shape. Can i tell sex already?? i thought it was just the flowering stage. (because i have different patterns i hope that means i have at least 1 lady!!)
  6. Bish, you gotta wait till the flowers come out. Little balls on sticks that kinda remind you of a grape cluster is male. Little white hairs that spread open like a sorority sister's legs are girls.
  7. yeah thanks big poppa, thats just as i thought. Ndica seems to know his shit though, so i thought there may be some secret he wanted to share. Just getting impatient i suppose.

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