the new piece, the cherry popper

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedanksta, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. my new bong its tight i broke my big one so i needed to get somethin to hold me over til i can afford another tight one
    i think friday im gonna get a PURE those r hella tight

    i named this one the cherry popper

    oh yeah theres a lil vile of some keef right there too

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  2. heres some chokey ass keef right here look at the crystals

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  3. ^ word ur bongs tight i got a little pimp a toke tooo thats pink and polka-dotted i call it pink panties

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  4. Nice one hitter. And a good name for it too. ;)
  5. Did you get 'The cherry popper' off ebay? Cuz i saw one that looked identical to that on there.
  6. Were did you get that keef and how much thanks.
  7. from a keef box

    and the vile is about 2 inches tall

    and the bong was bought at a lil head shop known as cloud 9
  8. How much it cost you?

    And get some more pics i wanna see the whole bong. :)
  9. it was like 45
    and its only like a foot and a half tall
    the pure im gonna order is 28 inches tall

    heres ur pic

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  10. cloud 9, I really wanna go back there... I dunno if were talking about the same shop, but the Cloud 9 I went to had some really fucking sweet bongs.

    Thats a cool one, I think I saw one like it on Ebay too.

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