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Discussion in 'General' started by RebelINS, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. The joker is most likely going to be in the next batman movie, even if hes just a small role in it. What actors do you think could even come close to heath ledgers performance? The only actor I could think of is Johnny Depp, who agrees?
  2. There are plenty of actors that could play the joker, look at Heath, you guys really think anybody else would of thought he would of played the Joker. After seeing all the people up in arms about a new joker, I really doubt anybody will play him.
  3. Yeah, I had just been saying that to my friend, if you would've asked me, "who do you think will play the joker?" before I knew it was heath no way in HELL would I had ever guessed heath fucking 10 things I hate about you ledger. So it could be some no name actor but from the actors I know the only one I think has a very good chance is Johnny Depp.
  4. Look at Ewan McGregor, I thought he might be a good riddler, but he might be a little to big to play the role, and actually suited better as Joker. Slap spme wacky clown makup on him, get him to do an american accent, which is easy because he had one in star wars and you got a Joker.
  5. i still havent seen the new batman movie (never been a big fan of it), but i just couldnt see Ewan McGregor playing in somethin like that.. i dont know, maybe im just used to thinkin of Mark Renton from Trainspotting when i think of him..

    i just couldnt see him playing anything close to a villain in a superhero movie..
  6. Did he? I don't remember him having an American accent in Star Wars...
  7. well it wasn't britsh.
  8. Most likely they are just going to have a scene in the new batman where he goes to Arkham and the Joker's outfit is in the evidence room or something.

    They've done it in previous movies when they couldn't afford to have the star that played the villian in the movie.
  9. Its a big shoe to fill.
  10. Yes it was.
  11. no it wasn't.
  12. Maybe if Malcolm McDowell was still a young'n he could do a Clockwork Orange-esque performance like Heath used for his inspiration.
  13. And how could you possibly believe that?
  14. watch the movies, it's pretty obvious
  15. Pretty obvious that it's a British accent, yes.

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