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  1. What a fail almost as bad as transformers 3. The idiot who directed it took the last chapter of the book and turned it into a 2hr movie, the first scene where voldemort took dumbledores wand happened at the end of the book, Harry and voldemort never threw themselves off some cliff. Pretty shitty movie to people that have actually read the books but now some guy becomes a millionaire because 13 year old girls hop on the bandwagon after just seeing the first part. Read the books, I'd almost rather see cowboys vs aliens just cause 13 from house gets naked.
  2. I have not seen the last 2 movies.. I wanted to see them together.. Man I hope they didn't screw up the whole series with the last movie... :eek:
  3. You crazy sir.
  4. I disagree and while I loved the books who says the movies have to follow it strictly?

    This one was by far the best standalone potter movie
  5. ^ wrong the first and second were the best people only liked this one because of re fighting... You can sell movies so easily now you just have to make lots of explosions..
  6. "Hey so was the new Harry Potter movie any good?"

    "Not if you read the book"


    Also one of my favorite variations

    "hey do you think the new Harry Potter movie would be good on acid?"

    "Not if you read the book"

    buh dum ching

    moral of the story: Read the Book. JUST THE FUCKING BOOK. (Phish reference no one will probably get lol)
  7. I liked it, but probably because I never read the book
  8. I'm glad the finale was epic and bad-ass. The pizzazz is your closure
  9. I don't like Harry Potter. :(
  10. Ever read the books? They are pretty damn good modern works of fantasy, with a tangible real-life message about good, evil, and the general state of the world.

    Huge stories with subplots that seem to never end. Great for imagery and imagination stimulation alike. I whole heartedly approve.

    The movies are embarrassments imo, just like most novel to movie adaptations
  11. loved the books loved the movies but of course they are always different
  12. Yeah, to be fair I can't call all the movies embarrassments because I simply stopped watching after the either the 2nd or 3rd. Can't remember. But if they missed that many plot twists and subplots in the shortest of the books, I'd hate to imagine what they missed in the longer books.

    I be the GoF didn't even make a mention of SPEW

  13. I'm not gonna lie I had to google a couple words you used and even after that I was squinting after reading and had my wtf face on but that might be because I don't have my contacts in.
  14. I never seen after the first part and I seen people were so much excited for this but this was only for a week. the another earth movie is much better than harry potter guys so go for that.
  15. I just like over 100 pages related to Harry Potter on facebook

    you all have no idea the level Harry Potter nerddom I'm on

    decades deep son
  16. I been waiting for theese movies since the first book came out. I started reading them when i was 3rd grade.

    YES, the books are way better than the movies but i like the movies because in a different way it gives a visual representation of the books.

    I loved the movies and books :)
  17. yeah but do you know about pottermore?

    edit: if not you only have 3 chances for preregistry left yo
  18. yes found about it yesterday and it was closed already. Im waiting for the clue of today :D lol
  19. I think its coming out around 11 am EST, could be wrong on that though

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