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  1. Greetings.

    This thread is dedicated to questions and discussions surrounding the granite state and its fight for cannabis legalization. As it stands, New Hampshire sits as an "island of Prohibition" with the surrounding New England States - Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and even Canada to our north all enacting common-sense cannabis legalization policies.

    If you work in the cannabis industry and have articles on the topic of New Hampshire Cannabis influencers, you can use this thread to help build each other's network.

    New Hampshire is a small state, but building a network can help the cause!

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  2. LMAO!!! You think you have it bad? At least it's decriminalized in NH. If you get caught in the state of Indiana FOR ANY AMOUNT, it's 180 days in jail and a $1000 fine. We are surrounded by medical or rec states. Even Governor Beshear in Kentucky gave a standing executive order of pardons to anyone caught with less than 8 ounces of cannabis. As long as then have a written letter by a physician stating you need this cannabis for treatment of pain, etc. and you have to keep your receipt from where it was purchased. And look at Idaho. I really feel sorry for them. Even hemp is illegal there and they are floating in a sea of green. At least NH is a small state. The nearest dispensary from me is an hour and a half away, and they don't start selling recreational cannabis to out-of-state residents until late morning, after the good stuff is picked over. And they even run out of stuff before the non-residents get a chance. Even some of the rental cars smell like cannabis, so you know people are using those to make trips across the state line.
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  3. I’m waiting for nh to get with the program. Of course it’s gonna be after the prices are all dropped and the state won’t make as much money. Although politicians will waste the money anyways
  4. That is true! I believe Indiana will do the same. And voters in the large cities is putting pressure on lawmakers to pass legalization while at the same time, small rural areas, which out number the large populated cities, want full prohibition. It took a 6 year-old girl to die before they legalized CBD. She had uncontrollable seizures, and died while her father was making a run to Colorado to buy her CBD seizure meds. I'm sure it shined a negative spotlight on Indiana to the rest of the country. I'm sure because of the publicity. What will it take to legalize just Medical Cannabis? More people to die?
  5. I know soooo many people that are on diapbilities and they don’t want oxy or pain meds but the medical bud is still to expensive to buy and can’t legally even grow it. I’m so glad I have friends in mass.

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