The new girl of gasscity family. :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SmileySplifster, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys! :wave:
    Let's turn the tables. Why don't you all introduce yourself to me? :)

    Shout out to NYC!!
    I'm a photographer... I'm a stoner...
    I'm smiley spliffster.. :smoking:

    Feel free to ask me anything!.. Well.. almost anything. :cool:
  2. Welcome to the city.:smoking:.Not from NYC, but I love NY Diesel. Hope you enjoy the community.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome peacetoker. :eek:
  4. Ha i got some chineese friends from NY i sell them some dowski.They tell me its expensive up there compared to down south texas!!!!! But welcometo the city :eek:
  5. :wave: haha.. EVERYTHING is more expensive here than anywhere else... >.< *sigh.. Oh wells?

    I'm Chinese too by the way. haha.. What a coincidence.
  6. Welcome welcome :)

    Nice to see female tokers joining in on the fun :)
    Are you just here for the community and reading or do you grow your self?

    Feel free to look by my thread if you have any interest in it :)
    What kind of prices are we talking about, when it comes to weed in NY?
  7. i think you've got the wrong forum.

  8. Thanks guys for all your replies. :wave: I don't grow.. I actually came across the site trying to find my boyfriend a new bong for Valentines day. In the process.. :smoking: I got stoned and joined the forum to entertain myself. (?) Yeah... It was a whole journey that guided me here.. :laughing: lol
    And it's about $15/gram.
  9. kk :)
    Wow gfotta find a girl like you, my girl dont wanna give me any smoker gear haha.

    Well welcome and hope you find something interesting.
  10. What up? GC is probably the best forum ever made.. especially while your stoned happy toking :smoke:

  11. lol what a coincidence!!! They cool so you cool my book. Wonder if you ever heard of them. Its a little group steven andy tommy. There in the restraunt biZZ ????
  12. I don't know about that, living in California is pretty expensive :(

    Toke on

    EDIT: Yea, $15/g isn't bad at all.
  13. it was destiny...completely meant to :wave:welcomeeeeee!!!!
  14. Gasscity, eh?

    Enjoy your time here!
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    Welcome to the grasscity family! I'm new here, myself, so it's nice to meet a fellow newbie. I love this forum, a great place to find our kind of people, I'm surprised it took me this long to find it. You sound really kewl, he's a lucky guy, did you ever find what you were looking for? Well, hopefully you weren't high enough to forget that you came to Grasscity so that we'll see ya again sometime soon. :)

    Stoner Webcomic
  16. More expensive than NYC?... I think not.. lol I was planning to move to Cali. And yeah, the prices for weed here pretty much stayed the same. Everything else however... :(
  17. welcome to the city
  18. Thank you. ;)
  19. Welcome to the city. I live on the other side of the river. Actually I live kinda far from the river but very close to the beach.

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