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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Quick question.

    Like the great outdoors/great indoors forums.

    It says talk about those, But that means smoking related threads of the outdoors or indoors type are not alowwed there and jus only other means of enjoyin indoors/outdoors?

    Cuz i have a couple ideas of threads for those forums which i figure would get attention and bring more people to those areas, But if its not allowed to talk about smoking in there then ima be kinda bummed. Lol. :p

    Because those threads probably fit more into the Rec Mary Usage forum because its 'how' you enjoy your herb, Which probably includes 'WHERE' you enjoy it and other forms of that.

    Jus dont wanna post threads make the work of yall deleting/moving them so i figure clear the air on it.
  2. Rec use doesn't really include the where. It's more of a how kind of forum. You know, how you smoke it or cook it. Your pipes, j's, bongs and such.

    The great outdoors can include being high while there. I used to do some rock climbing and we'd stop in certain spots and get high...I was still doing stuff in the great outdoors. :)

    Now, a thread saying "Oh, I was so high and I was outside!" doesn't really count. If that's all it says anyway, it's basically a useless thread and will probably disappear anyway.

    Does that help, KSR?
  3. I don't know about KSR, but it cleared some stuff up for me!
  4. The right way: I was hiking and stopped by this beautiful stream and roasted a bowl.

    The wrong way: I was smoking a bong and wondered outside by this stream.

  5. Yes, Thanks alot Rummy.
  6. I'm just glad there is a new "politics" forum. I'm going to have so much fun :D

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