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  1. Corporation era is coming to an end. A lot of companies in early 1900s needed total control to order to build physical objects, etc. When internet was on the rise, corporation are having hard time to charge products while people are giving out free products. Corporation is no longer need people together to build everything, if there 3rd party willing to help out and bring pieces together to build products. now there programs that allow people design ideas and test them out without using real products. Testing how things work, wind directon, making sure it works, etc. Meaning it would be less time for company to create restriction products and using 3rd party to help them out. Corporation creates more debt then going through 3rd parties and helping each other out.

    BTW, I'm not good at editing and making it look/sound good. If its crappy to read then click the link and read 15 pages of the new economy. I'm just trying sum it all up in one. mkay?

    Socialism 2.0
    It's not marxim socialism idea but a totally different idea. It sounds more a liberty idea. I think the writer got all confused what liberty really is. I believe this strategy is more a liberty way then socialism way. Anyways lets see.

    Big corporation cannot work in new economy, no need for gov in this economy. Everything will be peer to peer share, no class society, no money. People are willing to work for free and be proud of it. Ablitity to do anything that you always wanted to do. Total freedom, australin economy is coming back, who knows.

    btw, I might be wrong on some things or missed read them, if there something wrong, please correct it.

    To make socialism 2.0 work. It needs sharing, co-operation,collaboration, and collectivism. Which we already have and we already on the road to digital socialism.

    A lot of people are working for free, almost same amount as in general motors. It really shows you that people are willing to work for free and not care about money. I believe that the only way to get money is do physical labor aka work at bowling alley, build houses, etc but in this case senerio, money does not exist.

    There tons of information in this article, I would advice y'all read this. This might be the next economy, it sounds to be true... Lets hope so.

    Beyond Detriot
    Secert of Googlenomics
    The New Socialism
  2. Seems like a good idea when we talk about it, but how would it truly be implemented?
  3. :) ...
  4. I think it's time to drop the paper currency and move to E-currency. It will allow more flow in mediums and more easier to control. Paper causes more problems and it's not good as bimetalism. Paper takes time to print, too much paper means less value, well it same as e currency but less hassle. ;) It like debt card and you able to take anywhere you want to go, not worry about losing or get stolen at all.

    What you guys think?
  5. hmmm.... I don't know to many places to get bud with a debit card
  6. yet. :D

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